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Whether you run a small business or are self-employed, being able to take a credit card as a form of payment is usually a necessity, as many of us rarely carry cash anymore and prefer the level of security that using plastic brings.

IZettle is a mobile payment service that combines an iOS app and credit card reader into a complete Point of Sale system. Using iZettle, anyone can set up an iPhone to take payments for any goods and services quickly and easily. Whilst this sounds like an almost perfect solution, can you really replace your checkout counter with just your iPhone? (more…)

It seems as though payment-revolutionary Square has been quite busy these last few weeks. With a revamp of their web app, a new iPad app and now a Card Case replacement named Pay With Square for iPhone (and Android, I suppose), Square continues to innovate and change the way we do business.

If you weren’t already familiar, Card Case was Square’s first attempt at a mobile app that was designed to allow you to locate businesses utilizing their technology, gather information about them, and then pay via a tab system. While Card Case was great, Pay with Square is a huge update to the app, complete with new icon, interface and functionality. Let’s dig in and see what’s new. (more…)

How many times have you walked to the store to pick up a carton of eggs, or some mundane item, and you realize you forgot your wallet at home?

Now you can intentionally leave your wallet at home thanks to Square’s (relatively) new Card Case for the iPhone. Square Card Case is the next logical advancement in the Square payment system. Essentially, users can “start a tab” at their favorite retailers or vendors making the need for such things as cold hard cash (not to mention wallets) superfluous.



As technology progresses, the concept of cash, or physical money, seems less and less relevant with each passing day. With the advent of bank cards, and mobile computing, it’s no longer necessary to carry a wallet filled with bills. It’s not uncommon to see cash registers at stores that don’t accept cash. Every system available now is tailored to businesses, making it easier for consumers to make purchases. But the bank card has a major limitation when dealing with money transfers between two individuals; enter Square.

Square is an iPhone application which serves many purposes. It works for small businesses, and it works for individuals. A free application, that comes with a free Square Reader. This reader plugs into the headphone jack on your iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, and now Andriod device, and requires nothing more than a WiFi or 3G internet connection to work. Empowering anyone and everyone to accept money transfers through the use of credit and debit cards.

In this article, I plan to explain the full gamut of features Square offers, but later I’m going to share a little story that I think perfectly demonstrates why Square is such a powerful concept. As I mentioned above, Square now offers their app on the Andriod platform as well. But in this article we’re only going to be covering the iOS version.