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Puzzle addicts will try to get their fix any way they can, even going so far as to hoard those fiendishly difficult but, let’s face it, terribly ugly puzzle books you find in the dollar store checkout lane. And then the addict hits the wall.

They can’t find anymore new puzzles, and honestly, paper just isn’t doing it for them anymore. Providing a fix for puzzle addicts, Nono Logix puts a twist on a conventional puzzle style. Will it hold the interest of power puzzlers or is it just a Sudoku clone? (more…)

Earlier this week we posted a roundup of 25 Seriously Addictive Sudoku Apps. However, many of us jumped on the Sudoku bandwagon ages ago and are becoming bored with the concept. So what’s the next big puzzle craze that will have us all entranced?

One strong contender in this category is Nonograms, a challenging, brain twisting puzzle game perfect for anyone who enjoys Sudoku, crosswords or any other pen and paper puzzles. Unfortunately, Nonograms can be a bit tricky to pick up and may have a slightly higher learning curve than other games of its kind. Today we’ll help get you started in your new addiction by walking you through solving your first puzzle and pointing out some great apps to download and give the game a shot.


Everyone’s favorite numerical puzzle game has exploded on the iPhone with more great apps than you can shake a stick at. If you’re unfamiliar with how to play, the basic premise is that each row, column and block of nine squares must contain only one of each number 1-9. The premise is simple and the possibilities endless! Prepare to be addicted.

Below we’ll take a look at a good representation of the Sudoku apps you’ll find for the iPhone. The first section represents some of the best standard Sudoku apps you’ll find, the second section contains solvers to help you out and scanners to grab printed puzzles, and the last section contains some really interesting and unique Sudoku interpretations. Let’s get started!