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In this Quick Look, we’re highlighting AppZapp. The developer describes AppZapp as a way to easily guide you through the App Store that has more than 460,000 Apps and growing. You will never lose track of any App-activities, and in addition, the prices — SellerAlerts will always inform you about special promotions, so you can’t miss any of the great deals!

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Choices, choices and more choices. We are being swamped with choices every single day and taking decisions has never been more time consuming. We can ask our friends and family, but how often can you bother them? Often, not many of them know enough to help you make a choice.

Hunch has a proven track record of being the perfect social recommendation engine with a powerful algorithm under the hood. With a sleek and simple interface, hunchable brings the power of Hunch to the iPhone. This free app gets you personalized recommendations on any topic under the sun – anytime, anywhere.