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Ever since rumors surfaced claiming that Apple was working on a tablet, we knew the coming of such a device would launch a new product war. Despite the looming certainty that copycats would arise, in the months following the launch of the iPad, the tablet market has remained fairly lackluster regarding viable alternatives.

However, with a few recent and quite impressive entrants, the tablet war is finally upon us.
Today we’ll look at the new BlackBerry PlayBook and the Samsung Galaxy Tab, both of which pack a feature set to rival (and top in many cases) Apple’s iconic device.

Will Apple dominate this market as they’ve done with the iPod (what’s a Zune?), or will these shiny new competitors deal a decisive blow to the iPad’s reign? You be the judge.


Our friends over at Mac.AppStorm are offering some live news and analysis of today’s Apple Event – rumoured to be the announcement of a new tablet device.

If you love your iPhone, I’m sure you’ll be excited to see what else Apple have up their sleeve. Head over to read our coverage – starting at around 9.30am PT – and feel free to leave a comment with your thoughts and predictions!