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Evernote is one of the most popular digital notebooks services, and it has been very popular with iOS users for some time now. There have been many complaints (mostly plain text fanatics) about Evernote’s export ability if you choose to leave the service, but I feel that Evernote is better fit as a digital archive rather than an ongoing list of notes. What has brought people to using Evernote in the past is how easy it is to save info from the web for reference and items to remember later. Have a great meal? Save the image into Evernote along with the recipe for when you would like to cook it.

While features are not touted as the main new items in the new Evernote, the redesign is. The old Evernote seemed to suffer from an identity crisis. On iOS, the app was not uniform and looked completely different when using the iPad and iPhone. With the new redesign, the app and service has become more uniform and looks consistent, with extra features on the iPad due to screen real estate. Let’s take a closer look after the jump.  (more…)

I love to use my iPhone to take a lot of pictures. It’s convenient, easy to use and I have it with me practically all the time. And now with a five-month-old son, I am definitely taking a lot of pictures to send to friends and family.

One thing that I never liked about photo storage on the iPhone was that it was very limited. You can see all your pics and send them to social networks in a few steps, but I wanted something more; something that gave me greater control over my photos. Well, I think I may have found that in Tags & Albums.