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Tapbots has enjoyed much success with their third-party Twitter client–Tweetbot. Though Twitter’s own app has the bulk of iOS users, Tweetbot is widely regarded by many as the best iOS Twitter app (The Iconfactory’s Twitterrific 5 being a second contender for the title). Such accolades are certainly warranted, as Tweetbot provides users with a slew of fantastic features (e.g. timeline syncing, muting) that are nowhere to be found in Twitter’s own offering.

When iOS 7 was first introduced at WWDC in June, the stark new design lead many to wonder what Tapbots would do with Tweetbot. After all, the app’s dark and heavy textured design doesn’t lend itself to iOS 7’s focus on simplicity. After months of hard work, Tapbot’s dynamic duo—Paul Haddad and Mark Jardine—put those question to bed with the release of Tweetbot 3. (more…) is the social network that made significant news earlier in the year. Launching with a price to users of $50/year, critics of highlighted how price would like driver user adoption down, especially with many comparisons being drawn with Twitter.

Tapbots, in the world of iPhone apps, is probably best known for Tweebot, an immensly popular iPhone client for Twitter. Netbot is the Tapbot-developed counterpart to Tweebot, and quite possibly the best third-party client for Let’s take a look. (more…)

Many iPhone apps take their design cues from the status quo; Apple began the iPhone’s life with a light blue, left-to-right application style and many apps still follow a similar pattern. Even if they’re crafted of the finest skeuomorphic Corinthian leather, they’re still just another take on the same old design paradigm.

Then there are the apps that do something special. The applications that throw their hands up and say, “I’m going to be different!” Here are a few of them, and what app designers can learn from each one. (more…)

Take a look at what you’re doing to yourself. Right now you’re in front of a computer, iPhone or iPad, just vegetating there. You’re not burning any calories, not doing anything physical other than moving the mouse. You are a lazy, lazy person.

Or maybe that’s just me. Maybe I’m the only person out there who could stand to lose a few pounds, and maybe I’m the guy who would benefit from an app that helps you track how much weight you’ve gained or lost over the months. But I’m willing to bet that I’m not. That’s why there’s Weightbot(more…)

Tweetbot is no new entry to the market, Tapbots (its creator) released it first into the App Store back in April 2011 and we reviewed it back when it launched . But since then it has become better and better, and grown higher and higher in the charts (aided by the release of the official Twitter 4 client). Earlier this week,Tapbots revealed Tweetbot 2, along with the iPad version.

Follow on to see what’s new in this free update to Tweetbot! (more…)

One short year ago, Tapbots announced that they had started working on a new Twitter app: Tweetbot. Twitter had just announced that they were buying out Tweetie, and soon turned it into the new free Twitter for iPhone. Since then, Twitter has made it obvious that they want their own apps to be the only standard consumer Twitter apps, and recommended developers find other things to focus on.

Overall, though, Twitter for iPhone is still a nice app, and is quite popular. However, it has had some recent problems including the recent addition (and quick removal) of the extremely unpopular Quick Bar, which showed trending and promoted topics on the top of your tweet stream. Even though Twitter has now removed the Quick Bar, the episode has left many iPhone users considering other Twitter apps again.

The stage was set for an all-new Twitter app to be released. And Tapbots stepped up to the challenge.


A few weeks ago, we took a look at the Tapbots family – highlighting the simplicity and design of their applications. Well, the folks at TapBots have been hard at work and recently released the newest member of their family.

Introducing Calcbot, a brilliantly simple and fun calculator “robot” that takes the mindless task of calculation and makes it fun and even easier to do. Let’s take a look at how Calcbot works after the break.


With over 225,000 applications available on the iTunes App Store, there is no shortage of apps that can do just about anything. Many of these pack in the features and over time, become more and more complex.

Enter Tapbots, a team of two guys who became interested in developing easy to use, focused and fun applications for the iPhone. Right now, Tapbots offers three unique apps (or robots, as they like to call them). Here’s a quick look at their fun and friendly robot family.


When Apple came out with copy/paste functionality for the iPhone earlier this year, it received a warm welcome. Users were now able to have the basic ability to copy and paste text. But what about copy and paste functionality plus the added benefit of a clipboard that stores everything you copy, including images?

For users in need of more than the basic copy/paste you may want to consider Pastebot. This review will take a look at the functionality this wonderfully designed app has to offer.