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Since it’s release in June 2012, TodoMovies has been a choice app for managing a queue of movies you want to watch. The app didn’t feature many bells and whistles, but instead focused on performing one task well. Originally, I enjoyed the concept and execution of TodoMovies, but at the time was maintaining a list of movies in the IMDb app. I decided to stick with IMDb instead of making a permanent switch, since I already used the app for so many things.

However, with the recent release of TodoMovies 2.0, which includes an impressive list of updates, it may be time to seriously reconsider making the switch after all. Join me after the jump as I detail these new features, and ultimately decide if TodoMovies lands itself a permanent spot on my iPhone. (more…)

Todo Movies is an app that keeps track of the movies you want to watch and notifies you when new movies come out. This app has only one function unlike other movie apps on the app store like Flixter which does showtimes, movie and actor bios, and many other features including keeping track of those movies you’ve been itching to see.

If all you want is a “Todo” manager for movies you want to see, Todo Movies is definitely the best option. For all movie lovers who never again want to obsess over a movie months before and then totally forget about it when it actually comes out or just want to make a list of old movies they have been thinking about watching, Todo Movies is your best bet.