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Probably my least favorite thing about creating tasks is scheduling. I always end up with a giant task list filled to the brim with todos all scheduled for tomorrow or, worse yet, yesterday. I never take the time to schedule tasks because all that scrolling and figuring out what day of the week July 30 falls on is such a pain.

Swipes has that sewn up, making scheduling a simple swipe and tap. There’s lots more to this great to-do app though, including tags and task history. All that, and it looks pretty fine, too. (more…)

Todoist’s initial foray into iOS app development resulted in a somewhat-functional, unsightly app that was basically the mobile version of the website with offline capability. Users, myself included, clamored for a more viable iOS solution. The web app is so beautifully simplistic and functional, many users questioned if the Doist team could bring the best of the web app to an iOS model.

A few months back, the Doist team answered the call with a brand new iPhone version. How well does this iOS app live up to its web counterpart? Read on to find out. (more…)

Crowded space. A comment on other task management systems. Something about Getting Things Done, or Pomodoro or Zen or discipline. You know how these sorts of reviews generally go: we want to get more things done, you want to get more things done, and developers want to make some money. While I enjoy reviewing productivity apps, a part of me has grown a bit bored with keeping a task list.

Luckily, that’s not all Wunderkit does. The new product from 6Wunderkinder, the evil masterminds that have released and updated the task-keeping Wunderlist for some time now, Wunderkit is collaborative working redefined. (more…)