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Do you constantly fear running out of your favorite tea? Are you always stocking up on tea, for fear of some great tea-pocalypse? Is there so much tea squirrelled away in your cupboards that you’re not even sure what’s back there anymore? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then you have a tea problem.

You’ve lost control of your tea tendencies, and you need some help. The first step is getting your tea stash under control, and Tea can help with that. An encyclopedia of lots of different teas and a customizable tea inventory will have you back on the straight and narrow and maybe prevent you from adding yet another identical box of Darjeeling to the stack at the back of the cabinet. (more…)

Do you like tea? That’s kind of a vague question, I know, seeing as there’s such a variety of the drink out there. I personally am partial to the herbal infused types of tea with a smidgen of sugar — not too much since that can sometimes override the taste of the tea itself. There are lots of great ways to make a cup of tea, but what happens when you find that perfect formula? Do you store it in a little “tea book” or something?

If you have an iPhone, then I’m going to introduce a fun little app that will change the way you drink your tea — possibly for the better. It’s conveniently enough called Tea, and is developed by Sail LLC. This little app will give you a way to log your weekly — or daily — brewing and rate it so that you can later find what a perfect cup is for you. Keep reading for my full review. (more…)