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I don’t have a cable subscription. I keep up with my television exclusively with Netflix, and since Netflix doesn’t offer as much TV in Canada as it could (or maybe should), I also use my Apple TV to watch shows I love as new episodes arrive (here’s looking at you, Mad Men). I don’t have time to watch a lot of Youtube. I know, I’m missing out on a lot of memes and I must lead a very boring life. But I love TED.

For those of you who haven’t heard of it, TED is an incredible free service that filled to the brim with informative videos from special TED conferences — sometimes motivational, sometimes de-motivational, and often about science or psychology. The TED conferences are all over the place, and if you aren’t able to attend, TED makes them available for free on the Web and in a great free universal app for iPhone and iPad. When I have fifteen minutes and I want to watch something, I often watch TED videos, and very usually fill my rare days off with them. The app is a great way to experience these videos, but is it perfect? Read on to find out how TED’s service could get even better after its recent update to iOS 7.


The incredible rise of Kickstarter was one of the defining stories of 2012 with the crowd-funding service helping to fund 34,000 projects with almost $400 million in pledges. However, despite the impressive figures, critics are still abound with many lamenting the failures of projects to fulfil their promises. A charge that cannot be levied against 1 Second Everyday.

Cesar Kuriyama’s brainchild was an instant success, managing to treble its initial funding goal. Unlike delayed projects drawing ire from critics, the app was released just a month after receiving funding on January 10. The highly organised and responsive nature of the project epitomises Kickstarter’s ideals and is a model for prospective projects, however, how does the final product stack up? Let’s find out (more…)

Technology, Entertainment, Design — those three words make up TED, the non-profit organization dedicated to bringing together some of the world’s biggest thinkers and doers to share “ideas worth spreading.” TED has been about since 1984, and in that time you have probably come across one or two of their talks, even if it was just because a friend shared the video on Facebook.

One of the popular ways of discovering and viewing TED content has always been through the TED website. However, if you wanted to take the power of ideas with you on the go, then the TED app is well worth taking a look at. Is it for you? Let’s find out.  (more…)