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I’m not addicted to television or anything like that, but I like to keep up with what’s on TV. I go through binges a fair bit, sometimes on Netflix, but I also like to keep up with a couple sitcoms. I loathe myself for it, but I have a little bit of a soft spot for Big Bang Theory. I love HBO too. I’m also checking out apps to see if there are any good ones to help me schedule my week a little bit.

One that’s been making the rounds recently is Televised, an app that helps you keep track of what’s coming up on television. Read on to find out how it compares to the competition and whether or not it’s worth trying for all you TV diehards.


I have nearly 200 apps on my iPhone, but a mere few are what I consider staples. For instance, Pocket Casts has been my preferred podcast management app since I can remember, and no other app has come close to unseating it from my phone. But no app is sacred, and can be removed in favor of another; as much as I loved Tweetbot, Twitter ultimately became my go-to Twitter app for a number of reasons.

After such a dramatic introduction, you may be wondering where I’m going with this thing. A few months ago, I reviewed TVShow Time, an app designed to track your favorite TV shows. I was so smitten with the app that I called it the best in its category. Since then, a new challenger — iShows — has tossed its hat in the ring in hopes of becoming the top TV show tracking app on iOS. Let’s find out if iShows has what it takes to achieve such a lofty goal. (more…)

When it gets to the point that I need assistance to track all of my favorite television shows, I may finally have to admit there’s a problem. That problem, of course, being that show producers need to stop churning out so much quality programming. I currently follow over 20 active shows, and without assistance it’s nearly impossible to keep tabs of when episodes are airing or have aired. Also, since I’m a cord cutter I watch very few shows live, so remembering which episode I streamed last can, at times, be a challenge.

To help with such endeavors I scoured the App Store to find an television show tracking app. Turns out there are a handful of apps that fit this bill, but truth be told, TVShow Time stands out above all others. Find out why after the jump. (more…)

Nearly everyone in the world watches television, whether it be for five minutes a day to catch the news or to indulge in a favorite show. Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video and other streaming services have tried to do away with traditional TV so you can conveniently watch it whenever you wish. The first two services even have some exclusive shows, but they’re far from watchable if you have any sense of taste. To that end, people continue to watch traditional TV because shows air there first, with a few exceptions.

For the people who need to find something to watch this evening, look up when the next episode of Doctor Who airs or need to know when to schedule TiVo for so as not to miss anything special, there are many an app for that. One in particular that interests me, however, is TV Guide Mobile. I know, when you hear that you think of an ugly website filled with too many canards. The app is actually much better though, starting with the design. Surely there’s more than that, right? Let’s find out. (more…)

Remember a few years back before we had the iPad? Rumors were swirling about the latest new Apple product, and how it was going to revolutionize everything we did. Well, it did that, and now we’re hearing similar rumors about an AppleTV — a real, physical, 40-inches and up television that has all the great features of the current AppleTV 2, but it’s, well, a television.

As they say, where there’s smoke, there’s fire, it’s looking like an AppleTV may be on the horizon. What do you think? If one existed, would you buy it? Let us know in the poll to the right.

Streaming media services is a fairly new industry and it is a growing one. Movie and television studios are continually seeing the benefit to this transmission method and are still figuring out how to best utilize it. Different services have been popping over the last couple years. Hulu and Netflix are two popular examples in this category.

The natural next step for these web streaming services is to mobile devices. Our devices and networks are now capable of handling these services. The iPhone is no slouch when it comes to media so this is a perfect fit. Crackle is a free, ad-supported video streaming services that has a mix of movies, television shows and original shows in its library. The Web service is great, but can the iPhone application measure up? Read on to find out


I am a movie fanatic. There is not a week when I don’t watch at least one movie I haven’t seen before. Not to speak of all the TV shows I am following. While watching, I often have “geek moments” – those are times when I go “Oh, what’s that actor’s name?” or “What was the other recent movie this actress starred in?”

Before the time of iPhone and iPad, I had to move over to my Mac and fire up IMDB in Safari to check it out. With the IMDB app for iPad I can remain slouching on my couch and get all the information I desire. The comforts of the 21st century.


TV Show Tracker is a remarkably simple app that does one thing: tracks your favorite TV shows. If you find yourself sitting around often wondering if the new episode of “The Office” has aired yet, TV Tracker is your solution.

Below we’ll take a look at everything the app does and discuss whether or not you should shell out $1.99 to download it.