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There are a few games that I am embarrassingly addicted to. The Simpsons: Tapped Out comes to mind, a game that I’ve whiled away many an hour playing (and passed on to my friends, too). Tetris was another that killed the battery life on my Game Boy back in the day. Today, the battery killer is a new game, called Dots.

What makes Dots better than my other addictions? Well, there’s a list, so let me just break it down after the jump.


Some of the first video games have been deemed the greatest of all time, while others were simply given the title “Greatest of their time.” Not everyone will agree that Super Mario was the most revolutionary side-scrolling platform game that they played when they were little. That’s okay, because there are many other classics out there, like Pac-Man. It is still one of the undisputed champions of arcade gaming, whether you play it or not. The same goes for Tetris.

When it came to the iPhone back in 2009, there was nary a question that it would continue the heritage and bring it to its true mobile greatness. One could not argue that the Java version of this game, offered only on the primitive mobile phones of the early 2000s, was one of the best things that happened to it. With another step into the ever-growing market of technology and gaming alike, things can only get better for Alexey Pajitnov’s fine feather in his ushanka. Or can they? (more…)