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One of the best text editors for iOS, the Markdown-powered Byword has been a firm favourite of ours with its simple iCloud and Dropbox integration and clean, distraction-free layout. With the release of iOS 7, the Portuguese-developed app has embraced this and has been updated with a more fitting UI and some other enhancements that make writing any quantity of text even more of a pleasure.

I put the latest release of Byword, now only available for iOS 7, through its paces to see what benefits it brings for those using Apple’s latest iOS release.


Representing text and visual information together on the iPhone isn’t always an easy proposition, but Grid is trying to make it a lot easy. Combine text, images and more, all in a surprising interface.

I’ll try putting together some grids and sharing them to see how well Grid works as a collaborative tool. Can Grid be a miniature presentation app or should I just stick to creating grids for myself? (more…)

Note-taking applications are some of the hottest items on the App Store. More and more these utilities make it easy to record data in a fast and convenient way and the fact that this information lives on our phones means that we can access it anytime we need it.

The 100 apps below will help you accomplish all your iPhone note-taking endeavors. Whether you want to collect random bits of information, remember something about a specific place or even record some thoughts about your favorite wine, we’ve got you covered. There’s even a section containing our favorite apps so you can get a good idea of where to start!


Have you been frustrated by simplistic text editors and note apps for iOS? Whether you’re a dedicated writer or a code monkey who can’t quit pounding out code even when on the go, you’ve likely found that most office and note apps don’t quite cut it.

Nebulous Notes is a notepad-type app that aims to solve these problems. It includes tons of options to tweak so you can get your editing environment working just like you want, and even includes macros to help you enter common text or special characters without navigating through all the available keyboard layouts. Let’s look at how this app can help simplify your writing or coding on the go.

If you do a lot of typing on your iPhone, this review is for you. When creating content on your iPhone—whether it’s emails, blog posts, outlines, or something else—you want to get that creative idea out with the least amount of friction. TextExpander Touch is out to fill that niche exactly.

Read on to see why you should be using TextExpander Touch to speed up your iPhone writing sessions!


According to Neustar, somewhere around 2.5 billion text messages are sent in the US every day. In fact, approximately one third of teenagers send just over 100 texts in a single 24 hour period! (source)

The complete cost of all this texting about is no doubt astronomical. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could join the conversation for free? A number of services have cropped up in the past few years promising to do that very thing. Today we’ll look at Textie, an iPhone app from the creators of Borange and Tweetie that allows you to send and receive free SMS text messages.


There’s certainly no shortage of social networking-related applications for the iPhone. Some are great, and some are fairly dire; it’s a hard concept to execute well on a mobile device. A few days ago, a fellow iPhone touting friend introduced me to WhatsApp. The concept is essentially free iPhone-to-iPhone messaging, and sharing of links, photos, maps and audio.

I’ve been using WhatsApp for a few days, and felt that it merited a review on the site. It’s simple, clever to set up, and works reliably between all the devices and friends I tried it with. A version is also available for Blackberry, so you can interact with a slightly wider circle of friends.


The ringtones that come bundled with your iPhone are great, but what if you want something a little more unique? Today I’ll be looking at a number of different sources for high-quality iPhone ringtones, along with offering some advice about how you can create your own for free!

We’ll be looking at using iTunes and GarageBand for converting your existing music into an iTunes ringtone, how to purchase ringtones through the iTunes Store, and a few third party applications to help you out.


Keeping track of future tasks – sometimes hours, days or months ahead – is a challenge for everyone. Little written notes can magically disappear, dedicated task management apps can seem overwhelming for such a purpose and managing everything within iCal? Well, apart from looking cluttered at some point, it’s not always good to have private stuff on that screen when someone else looks over your shoulder.

One solution to your worries could be TextMinder, an iPhone and iPod touch app that sends you mobile reminders (short messages) to help you keep track of things.