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Text on an iPhone can be a real pain. I don’t mean writing — the keyboard is very nice, and in some ways, nicer than ever on iOS 7 — but I mean text management. Copying and pasting feels like a tedious chore involving lots of app switching and long tapping. By the time you’re done, it takes forever.

And iOS 7 sadly removes some of my favourite ways to quickly send out a tweet or a Facebook post from Notification Centre. As such, I thought I’d check out Drafts, an app that’s simply way more powerful than I need in the best way possible. Read on to find out what makes this app, which recently migrated to become an iOS 7 exclusive with its latest update, so special.


Have you been frustrated by simplistic text editors and note apps for iOS? Whether you’re a dedicated writer or a code monkey who can’t quit pounding out code even when on the go, you’ve likely found that most office and note apps don’t quite cut it.

Nebulous Notes is a notepad-type app that aims to solve these problems. It includes tons of options to tweak so you can get your editing environment working just like you want, and even includes macros to help you enter common text or special characters without navigating through all the available keyboard layouts. Let’s look at how this app can help simplify your writing or coding on the go.

If you do a lot of typing on your iPhone, this review is for you. When creating content on your iPhone—whether it’s emails, blog posts, outlines, or something else—you want to get that creative idea out with the least amount of friction. TextExpander Touch is out to fill that niche exactly.

Read on to see why you should be using TextExpander Touch to speed up your iPhone writing sessions!