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Have you ever wondered if it’s true there’s a place in a person’s head, that if you shoot it, it will explode? Yeah, it’s true — at least in Ready Steady Bang. That’s okay, though, because the design and pixel animations in Ready Steady Bang are more slapstick than serious. A true test of reflexes, you’ll be called on to take out pint-sized outlaws or pitted against your friends to find out who’s the fastest gun in the West. (more…)

Max Payne Mobile on the iPhone (universal iOS) is a third-person shooter set in a gritty, modern-noir New York criminal underworld. Originally released in 2001 by Remedy Entertainment, it has found its way to iOS, just on the cusp of the release of Max Payne 3.

In the game you take on the titular role of Max Payne, an undercover DEA agent who becomes the main suspect in his friend’s murder, and proceeds to go rogue in order to hunt down the guilty parties. His plan? To rain mad bullets down in an unending torrent of lead that leaves no one left standing. Get gunning after the break.