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A few weeks back, I get this Facebook invite for a party held downtown. I’m all excited about going, so I RSVP via Facebook, and next thing I know I’m planning for the big event. Then I get an email. “If you’re coming, please RSVP using Eventbrite, that’s how we’ll know who’s coming.” Huh. Eventbrite.

Although I had heard of the app before, this was my first opportunity to try it out, so that’s just what I did. What were the results? Well let’s find out! (more…)

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In this Quick Look, we’re highlighting Top Tickets. The developer describes Top Tickets as a mobile ticket app that has brought the power of buying and checking ticket prices for all sports, concerts, theatre and broadway shows right in the palm of your hand. Stay up to date with current ticket prices as they change daily to find the best deals. Purchase day of show tickets with a 100% delivery guarantee right up to showtime.

Read on for more information and screenshots!


The term “scalping” has such a negative tone to it. The word conjures up images of guys standing near a stadium holding signs that say “I need tickets” in big letters and cash-only transactions. Although those people will still be around for a while, there are now legitimate means for getting your tickets, and it’s all done online and on your iPhone.

It’s called StubHub, and don’t just assume this is a ticket broker like so many others. After all, it’s the MLB’s official “fan-to-fan ticket marketplace,” so the company has some big time supporters. Until recently, buying or selling tickets from StubHub meant that you had to log on to their website and do your business, but now StubHub makes that a bit easier with the introduction of an iPhone app. Is it worth the download? Find out after the break.