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My business doesn’t just include writing, but also photography. And one of the things I love about my iPhone is that it’s a great opportunity to practice taking photos. It eliminates the need to worry about things such as aperture, soft focus and lots of other technical gibberish. My iPhone tears down the technical walls and helps me focus on taking photos with great composition.

But is there a place for an iPhone app designed to completely replicate the experience of an authentic digital SLR? While I’m a big fan of apps like Analog Camera and Instagram, I can definitely see the market and desire for an app that offers me more control over the technicalities of my photos. In that regard, 645 PRO Mk II wants to be your go-to app. Its tagline states that 645 PRO “feels like a pro camera. Because it is one.” Read on to find out whether or not it lives up to that claim. (more…)

Since the iPhone 4, Apple has been leading the charge with the cameras in its phones. The iPhone 5 has a stunning 8-megapixel camera that, in my opinion, makes owning a point-and-shoot almost pointless. By most people’s standards, the camera in an iPhone is more than enough for their daily needs: They get great photos with minimal frustration.

I’ve always wanted a little bit more control over the camera functionality in my iPhone, though. It’s great that I can focus the camera in the stock app, but why can’t I make other minor adjustments? I’d love to be able to choose to shoot in RAW or change the shutter speed, even a little. Apple isn’t willing to give me those features though, likely because it would compromise the ease of use of their stock app.

That’s where PureShot comes in. (more…)