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Do you constantly fear running out of your favorite tea? Are you always stocking up on tea, for fear of some great tea-pocalypse? Is there so much tea squirrelled away in your cupboards that you’re not even sure what’s back there anymore? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then you have a tea problem.

You’ve lost control of your tea tendencies, and you need some help. The first step is getting your tea stash under control, and Tea can help with that. An encyclopedia of lots of different teas and a customizable tea inventory will have you back on the straight and narrow and maybe prevent you from adding yet another identical box of Darjeeling to the stack at the back of the cabinet. (more…)

I can hear you ask the question: are you seriously going to review a timer application? How much can there really be to it?

The fact is that for years I had only used Apple’s own timer app, and before I tried Timer I couldn’t see any need to change that. But it’s the little things that make a big difference and Timer has some neat little touches that make it the only timer you’ll ever need. (more…)

I’ve had a hard time committing to a productivity timer app, because I just haven’t found the one that works for my needs. You may already be familiar with the Pomodoro technique, which metes out work and rest in intervals of twenty-five minutes and five minutes, respectively, but that always seemed too inflexible to me. My schedule requires something with just a bit more customization than that.

Enter timer app 30/30. Though the default interval is thirty minutes, you can really set it to any time you want and queue up as many tasks as you want. With a bevy of task types set against a minimalist interface, is 30/30 the timer for the Pomodoro shy? (more…)

Many of you may know that when the iPhone was originally released users only had first-party apps to rely on. Then came the release of the iPhone 3G and the App Store. Over time, many third-party apps have come along that have bested first-party iOS apps, so much so that users have thrown those first-party apps into a folder to never be used.

A good example of this occurrence would be Evernote, which goes far and beyond Notes’ capabilities. Additionally, Reminders, Calendar, Voice Memos, Stocks and Weather have third-party competitors that some users find better to use. But one app that I’ve never been able to find a possible replacement for is Clock — that is, until I discovered Timegg. (more…)

From kitchen timers built into your oven to sand timers beside your sink, timers are one of those little useful gadgets that get thrown into everything and then promptly forgotten. Yes, we need to make sure we know when the cake’s done baking, but truthfully, you’re not very likely to hear the kitchen timer once you’ve wandered off to another room anyhow. There are plenty of things we really do need to time, but often, traditional timers are too much trouble to keep up with.

Your iPhone can be a great solution to this problem. The built-in clock app includes an alarm, stopwatch, and basic timer, and you’re much more likely to hear the timer go off since its always right there in your pocket. Still, the included timer could be improved, so there are many alternate timer apps in the App Store now. Today we’re going to look at the Best Timer app, which may not really be the absolute best timer but is still a very nice alternative to the built-in clock timer.

Today we’re going to take a look at ReadMore, an application that helps you reach your reading goals and track your progress in the books you’re currently undertaking.

It’s not an e-reader but instead a timer that keeps track of your reading history. Below we’ll walk you through the various features and then discuss why the app is so helpful.