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Paying to park is one of the many things in life that mankind has come to just accept — no one likes doing it, it’s not going away but sometimes it’s simply unavoidable. Even if you don’t need to pay to park, sometimes you end up parking so far away from where you need to be that you spend hours trying to find your car later on.

The app I’m reviewing today doesn’t do away with paid parking, but it does help with many of the annoyances the world of parking can bring us. It also has an extraordinarily sexy UI that will make many look at the app even if they don’t drive. Let’s get into Parkbud after the break. (more…)

The iPhone’s Clock app is a great tool for quickly timing things like cooking an egg, chess turns, or steeping tea. When you want to keep track of longer periods of time, or save commonly used timers, however, Clock can’t help you. Cosmos Timer was developed to fill this gap, allowing you to quickly create timers for any length of time and save them for later use. Find out if Cosmos Timer can make keeping time easier after the jump!