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It’s Friday night and I am taking my lovely wife to see a film. Naturally, to find what’s playing and when, I look to my iPhone. This brings around a tough decision though. I have not one app for this job, but a folder full of them! Which should I use?

They all accomplish pretty much the same thing. Some, like IMDB, have tons of other features and really just focus on movie times as a non-core function, but it’s nice to have all of that information at your fingertips. Others, like Flixster, really focus on getting you the info you need quickly and without distractions.

I want to know which app you use for this. Not which one has the most features or the best interface but the one that you actually turn to every time you want to go see a movie. Today’s poll lists the popular options and has a place for you to write in anything that’s not listed.

Once you’ve voted, leave a comment below and let us know why you use the app that you do!

If you read RSS feeds, chances are that you have downloaded at least one or two different iOS apps of this type. I’ve tried at least ten of them, and every time I see a review of a new app, I’m inclined to check it out just to see if it does a better job than any of the others. Until very recently, I’ve been using Reeder on both iPhone and iPad, and have been very satisfied with both versions of the app.

What’s changed recently is not my choice of app, but rather my behaviour: I’ve come to question how many short-form articles I’ve been reading – I think my attention span has shrunk! Consequently, I’ve actually stopped reading my RSS feeds this week to see how it feels. I just opened up Google Reader and saw that I have a little over 800 unread items since Monday – that’s a lot of information my brain has not needed to process!

While running this personal experiment, I thought it might be a good time to check out Times from Acrylic Apps. After the jump, I’ll talk you through the app’s features…