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I have been on a never-ending quest for the perfect to-do list app. I experimented with Apple’s Reminders for a little while before extensively using Wunderlist and then Cultured Code’s Things for iPhone. I ended up migrating back to Reminders simply because Things and Wunderlist didn’t make me want to use their apps; I never felt charmed by Wunderlist’s visual aesthetics or by Thing’s OCD-level of task management.

To me, a great to-do app needs to encourage and foster use. It needs to make you want to go in and take the time to write down something that needs to get done. The challenge is to make sure that there is a visual system of rewards for using the app, and that visual appeal and reckless reinvention of the digital to-do list is exactly DOOO‘s success. (more…)

IOS users love utilities such as the Calendar, Reminders and Notes. They save trees by digitally writing stuff down instead of using Post-its. They also succeed in keeping you, your thoughts and your commitments organized. But what if you could take their features a step further by integrating them all into one app? That’s the aim of Awesome Calendar.

The all-in-one app pulls features from these apps (or, more specifically, their Google counterparts) to give you a more comprehensive view of your daily tasks. Can Awesome Calendar’s one-screen view and use of visual aids streamline all of your to-do lists and tasks? Find out after the break. (more…)

It is true that there is an increasing number of tools being developed to help you and your team collaborate and get things done efficiently. There is a tried and true champion of this realm however, and that is Basecamp, developed by 37Signals. A lot of people are aware of Basecamp, but what you may not know if you’re not a regular user is that it recently underwent a massive redesign, to the point where the service was rebranded as “Basecamp Next” and functioned separately from the original (with a separate API and everything).

As a user of Basecamp Next nearly since it’s launch, I’m pleased to say that the first iOS app to support the new service has finally been released. Today, we’re going to look at Lodge, developed by Rounded Development, and see how well it brings Basecamp Next to the iPhone. (more…)

When you want to make a change in your life, it can be hard to know where to start. Even once you’re on the right path, it’s easy to let go of your goals and fall into the same bad habits.

The developers of Lift, a new goal-tracking app, want to make it a little easier to switch to those good habits and keep them for the long term. With props from fellow users and handy tracking features, Lift may help you actually complete your goals and keep you on target for the long haul. (more…)

It was a great day when app developers started wising up to the fact that sometimes taking notes involves more than just text. Now there’s a whole slew of apps designed to let you incorporate photos, voice memos, URLs and more into your notes. Well, here’s another: Catch Notes.

Catch Notes lets you capture ideas and other stuff you come across so you can organize all your thoughts and never forget a thing. You can break big tasks down into more manageable checklists, share to-do’s with your contacts, and set reminders for yourself. See how Catch Notes stacks up after the jump. (more…)

There are several iPhone apps that feature location-based reminders, but most are either overly complicated or underpowered. The native Reminders app is one such example of location-based reminders implemented poorly. The functionality is there, but it’s buried and difficult to access.

Checkmark, by Snowman is based on a simple premise: “Reminders when and where you want them.” The app puts location-based reminders at the forefront, instead of burying them behind settings and preferences. Is there a place for Checkmark somewhere between the complex apps like Omnifocus and basic apps like Clear? Can it hold up against the free Reminders app? (more…)

To-do apps are a dime a dozen on the iPhone, and it’s hard for any one of them to stand out. To make a real impression, there has to be something new and useful brought to the table. What I always need and am always looking for is an app that lets me share my to-do list. I don’t live in a bubble, and sometimes I want to collaborate with my family and friends to get the job done.

After hiding its to-do light under Android’s bushel, Astrid recently brought social to-dos and task management to iOS. With a snappy interface and to-do sharing amongst my contacts, Astrid may be the task management app I’ve been looking for. (more…)

One of my favorite hobbies (if you can call it that) is to frequently check the App Store on my iPhone for app updates. I must admit, I do this a minimum of twice of day — it’s really a serious problem. The reason I do so is because I’m obsessed with the evolution of apps. Whenever a major update is released to a favorite of mine, I anxiously wait while it downloads, clamoring to see what changes and additions have been made.

In August of last year I reviewed ListBook, which I referred to as “a simple and elegant app that delivers most of the features you need for managing multiple lists, without being too complex.” Recently, noidentity made some major changes to ListBook. But do these changes help or hinder an already great app? Find out after the jump. (more…)

Smartphones have become an invaluable part of life for many, and, thanks to many productivity apps, we’ve been able to invest our entire life onto our iPhone, Android handset or Windows Phone. I’ve personally owed a lot of my organisation to Wunderlist thanks to it’s cross platform syncing, but a new to-do list app caught my eye as it become much hyped on Twitter.

For the past few days, i’ve seen a lot of people talking about Realmac Software’s app Clear, a to-do app that’s already spawned an imitation days before it’s own official release. Clear is all about simplicity, with a simple list of tasks organised visually by priority that are manipulated by some fun gestures. Let’s get into the details after the break.  (more…)

There is no shortage of to-do apps in the App Store. There are apps that will sync across platforms, apps that only reside on your phone and apps that live primarily on the web. I would say that behind games and camera applications, to-do apps are the most popular in the store.

They all offer different features, and have their own strengths and weaknesses. Today we’re going to take a look at Orchestra, the app that aims to be home for your own personal to-do list and the tasks that need to get done by, or are assigned by, the other people that you work with. It also has a companion app which we reviewed on our sister site, Web.AppStorm as well.


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