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Who doesn’t love to dream of exotic destinations and make travel plans for the upcoming year? Even during lean times (especially during lean times!) I enjoy planning my next vacation, whether it’s a short road trip or a journey across the globe. Now that I’ve got the Afar Mobile App, I’m even more inspired to travel. Based on user-generated content, this app is a goldmine of personal accounts from world travelers.

If you’ve got a habit of bookmarking travel websites and yearn to travel like a local, keep reading to discover your new favorite (free) travel app for the iPhone. (more…)

When you’re on vacation, the single most important question can be: “what do we do next?” Odds are, no matter where you happen to be there are tons of great places waiting to be discovered.

Today we’ll look at Tourist, a tool that can help you learn all about the places you’re either currently visiting or would like to see in the future. As always, we’ll run down the basic features, point out the pros and cons and then tell you whether or not it’s worth a download.