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I’ve always enjoyed a good match of strategy. Tower defense games are one of the best ways to devise those nefarious tactical plans on a mobile device. I remember the days when Java games dominated the mobile market, and even though the selection wasn’t always great, the only way to get a game was to pay your wireless carrier up to $10 for it. You could then play it on your Motorola RAZR or other basic phone using the wondrous keypad to conquer the world. Those were the days.

Now we’ve become too developed for such devices and have moved on to Apple’s sublime iPad. Tower defense made it to the tablet as well, in the forms of Plants vs. Zombies, Kingdom Rush and Fieldrunners. Now we have the sequel, Fieldrunners 2, and I’ve been playing it since launch day. Is it good? Let’s find out. (more…)

It’s Game Week here at iPhone.AppStorm, and all this week we’re going to have tons of reviews, giveaways and other good stuff, all centered around the gaming world!

Tower defense games have become all the rage with iPhone users. There are still plenty of old century warrior games, but Kingdom Rush is a truly great example of innovation in this field. For this game you start out building structures to defend your kingdom from incoming attackers.

You’ll need to use strategy and some lucky timing to advance forward into the worlds. Game dynamics are similar to any multiform TD RPG, where you don’t control a single character, but entire groups of your army. The music and graphics also fit amazingly well into the theme of ancient kingdoms. If you love strategy RPG games, this is a title well worthy of the cost. (more…)

Tower defense can bridge the chasm between casual and hardcore gamers in a way that a lot of other iOS game genres can’t manage. They’re a great way for casual gamers to lose a few minutes tapping away while waiting in line at the bank, or they can be a real time sink for hardcore gamers whenever they play. Radiant Defense, with exciting, colorful graphics, flashy explosions, and a pumping soundtrack, is one of these universally appealing tower defense games.

Developer Hexage has been blasting out shiny, addicting games for iOS and other platforms for a few years now, and the release of Radiant Defense shows they haven’t been slacking. But in a genre flooded with apps, what makes this tower defense game the one to download? (more…)

Jelly Oasis is guilty of only one misstep in this gorgeous little game: the title. “Elf Defense” is descriptive in only the most vague way; it really doesn’t do this fantastic castle defense effort justice at all.

But a rose by any other name would smell as sweet, they say, and Elf Defense is a tour de force that plays just as phenomenally regardless of the name. Perhaps the bare bones naming of the game was a sort of concession to modesty, or maybe the makers of Jelly Oasis have noted that some of the most over-the-top titles in the App Store are attached to games that are mediocre at best.  At any rate, don’t be fooled — Elf Defense has all of the bells and whistles, and then some. (more…)

Tower defense games are a particularly addicting niche of apps. The combination of strategy and action is perfectly suited for both hardcore and casual gamers to find something they love.

Any one of them typically provides hours of intense, enemy-destroying gameplay, and today we have thirty! From popular titles like Star Wars and Lord of The Rings to zany concepts like Plants Vs. Zombies, this collection has a tower defense game for everyone!