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If you’re a foodie then you’ve probably got Istanbul on your radar. Blogs like Istanbul Eats and Parla Food have drawn worldwide attention to Istanbul’s food scene. This ancient city has all the ingredients for inspiring cuisine: street food, access to fresh seafood, fine dining, respect for time honored cooking traditions, popularity of artisanal goods (spices, olives, charcuterie) plus a mix of cultures (the city straddles the Bosporus, with one foot in Asian and the other in Europe). The food markets are intense, with powerful aromas of spices and mesmerizing hues of exotic produce. Istanbul is vast, densely populated and confusing to navigate (better to go by landmarks than an address). You’re gonna need a guide, someone to help you avoid tourist traps and experience the real Istanbul—enter Katie Parla’s Istanbul.

The follow up app to Katie Parla’s Rome offers Katie’s tips for the best meze, seafood, flatbread, kebab, street food and fine dining to be found in the fabric of Middle Eastern and European cultures of Istanbul. The app also helps travelers get around, plan based on location and search for food experiences based on budget, distance or type of food. Keep reading to learn how Katie Parla can help you eat your way through Istanbul. (more…)

If you are planning a trip to Hawaii — specifically the island of Maui — those who have traveled before you are going to recommend touring the Road to Hana. The scenic, 68-mile stretch of highway is full of hairpin turns, but also features gorgeous scenery such as beaches, waterfalls and exotic plant life.

These are the sights of tourists’ dreams! But if you don’t want to shell out the cash or devote the time to taking a tour through a bus company, you may want to rent a car and let the Road to Hana GPS Driving Tour be your guide. The app — which is one of the GyPSy Guide GPS Driving Tours — navigates excursionists through the eye-catching scenery at their own pace.

Is this discounted approach to seeing one of Hawaii’s most touted attractions a tourist trap or one of its best-kept secrets? Find out after the jump. (more…)

What’s the first thing you do when planning to travel? I reach out to any friends who might have a restaurant recommendation for the area I’m planning to visit. Usually I end up with a folder full of emails with lengthy lists of restaurant recommendations and never end up visiting them. I’m short on time and it’s just not convenient to research every place and locate it on a map. Or I visit a recommended restaurant and it ends up being a dud. Where Chefs Eat seeks to solve both problems by creating a restaurant guide using the most trustworthy source — chefs — and utilizing interactive mapping to get you there.

The app pulls recommendations for 2000 restaurants in 60 countries from over 400 of the world’s elite chefs. It’s not a definitive list of the world’s best restaurants, rather, a list of the best places to eat, whether it’s a midnight snack or a greasy spoon breakfast, a bargain meal or a special occasion. Today’s chef is a world traveler who visits other restaurants for inspiration. Phaidon Press has tapped into this invaluable resource to bring you an interactive guide that’s easily to access on the go.

Are delicious meals essential to your travel experience? If so, keep reading to learn more about Where Chefs Eat. (more…)

If you have a passion for food, wine and travel then you need to know Katie Parla, author of the popular blog, Parla Food. An American living in Rome for the past decade, Katie has established herself as an expert in Roman food culture. Her food journalism and restaurant reviews have been featured in the New York Times, Saveur, Travel + Leisure magazine and many others.

Whether you’re planning a trip to Rome or just dreaming of one, Katie Parla’s Rome is an essential guide to help you avoid tourist traps and revel in the most authentic experiences of Rome. More than just great restaurant recommendations, the app features tools to help travelers get around, plan based on location and search for food and beverage experiences based on filters like budget, distance or type of food. Looking for a cozy wine bar to end your evening? Want to know where to find the best gelato in your neighborhood? Or maybe you’d like a to find a tour of the bustling market? It’s all there in Katie Parla’s Rome.

Ready to hop on a plane to Rome? Read this first. (more…)

This Summer, my partner and I plan on driving across Europe in our 32-year-old Volkswagen bus. Insane? Yeah, maybe, but it will be the trip of a lifetime, and we are very much looking forward to packing up and hitting the open road.

Here, I have compiled a list of ten iPhone essentials that will guarantee to make your road trip run that little bit smoother. Hit the jump to read on!


Who doesn’t love to dream of exotic destinations and make travel plans for the upcoming year? Even during lean times (especially during lean times!) I enjoy planning my next vacation, whether it’s a short road trip or a journey across the globe. Now that I’ve got the Afar Mobile App, I’m even more inspired to travel. Based on user-generated content, this app is a goldmine of personal accounts from world travelers.

If you’ve got a habit of bookmarking travel websites and yearn to travel like a local, keep reading to discover your new favorite (free) travel app for the iPhone. (more…)

You know when you get to a new city and have dozens of things that you want to visit, or on the flipside have no idea what to do or where to go? You try mapping it all out and waste a couple of hours, try everyone’s patience in your group and don’t end up actually using your map because you’ve mistimed everything.

This is exactly what the founders of Citybot were trying to avoid when they came up with the brilliant idea to develop a travel planning app that helps you plan, organize and schedule the best activities for your trip.

Want to see what you’ve been missing? (more…)

When I married a woman who is an incredible cook and loves to bake, I knew I had hit the jackpot. Unfortunately, what I didn’t realize is that also meant I was now obligated to watch hours of programming on the Food Network. In the last five years I’ve seen so much Paula Deen my arteries are clogged just from watching, and I’ve learned that you can make literally anything into a food competition with ingredients I’ve never even heard of (what exactly is “jaggery” anyway?).

Well, if you’re a foodie like my wife who loves watching the Food Network then you might interested in their new app, Food Network On the Road. The question now is does it live up to the promise of helping you find all the places where the stars eat when you’re on the road? Read on to find out. (more…)

I’m not somebody who frequently travels, but when I do there’s nothing more exotic to me. Living now, traveling can be such a different experience. Namely because of mobile apps such as Yahoo! Time Traveler.

Whenever you’re visiting a new area on vacation or for any reason, you’ll often find yourself with extra time to kill. But when you’re not familiar with a city how do you know where to go? Time Traveler is your mobile companion to guide you through local museums, galleries, food shops and similar tourist attractions. (more…)

Your iPhone is great for connecting you to the people you love, but it can also be great at connecting you to the world around you. When you plan a roadtrip, you just don’t get out the giant road atlas and the stacks of paperback sightseeing guides anymore. For a long time now, you’ve been going to the Internet for all of your maps and activity planning. And now you’re leaving those reams of paper behind and looking to your iPhone.

For your next big roadtrip to America’s great parks and preserves, National Parks by National Geographic has you covered. Those piles of guides that were outdated in only a couple of years are now on your phone with updates from National Geographic in their National Parks app. Filled with colorful shots of the parks and packed with things to do once you get there, National Parks is a go-to for tourists to America’s national parks and preserves. (more…)

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