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I’m quite the fan of trivia apps, and I have reviewed my fair share of them throughout my time here at AppStorm. Something I have learned after playing so many of them is that it truly does take something special for a trivia app to leave an impression on me.¬†QuizUp, which has taken iOS by storm, definitely possesses something special.¬†Find out why QuizUp has been moving to the top of the charts after the break.


I’m a big fan of trivia, so I’m always on the look out for a good trivia game for iOS. I have tried many different versions, and none of them really lived up to my expectations. Trivia games were either too easy or too difficult, buggy or just plain ugly.

So when I first saw a friend of mine playing MAG Interactive’s Quizcross, I immediately asked him what he was playing. I downloaded the app shortly after, and since then I have not looked back. Find out what makes Quizcross such an amazing trivia game after the break. (more…)

I love a good trivia game. One of the main problems you experience with trivia though is how fast it ages. A game with questions about “current affairs” or “pop culture” easily turns into a frustrating guessing match about random facts from five years ago that no one remembers.

Qrank solves this problem by continually updating its library to provide you with questions about events as soon as a single day after they take place. But don’t worry, even if you aren’t up on your current affairs there are still plenty of history, literature and science questions to keep you interested.

Today we’ll see how to use Qrank to challenge your friends and become the social trivia champion.