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Little-known fact about me: Back in my high school days, I used to be the frontman for a hard rock band. The band fell apart, as most high school rock bands do, shortly after we all started going to university and college. I didn’t play guitar for a while, but I’ve been flirting with the idea of starting up a solo indie project with just me and my acoustic. The real problem, apart from no possibility of success and the utter likelihood of failure, is that I often have trouble cracking down the whip and writing music.

Jamn aims to fix that problem. I’ve tried a lot of apps meant to help floundering musicians, but none of them work on either a visual or musical level. Most of them are ripoffs sold based on empty promises. Initially, I was worried Jamn would be the same way. I was wrong. Read on to see what makes this app so compelling for musicians. (more…)

I have to tune my ukulele constantly. That’s what I get for buying the blue one with the dolphin on it, right? It looks pretty, but it’s not the best instrument, and it needs constant upkeep or it starts sounding like I’m playing a tree branch.

I have a little device to tune it, a physical thing I have to lug around with me, and while it’s not all that big, it’s one more thing I need to keep on me at all times. Tunable can fix all that. It’s a great little app for tuning, and it can do a whole lot more. But can it replace the tuner I use everyday? (more…)