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Location-aware apps are very popular right now, whether it be Foursquare or Gowalla checking you in or Google Places finding you a highly rated restaurant nearby. The rise in mobile devices, such as smartphones that are fitted with GPS, allow this type of mobile app to rise to the mainstream. Foursquare, as we just mentioned, is a location-based app where you checkin to various locations in an effort to become the mayor of said location.

On a similar theme, Miso allows users to not checkin to locations, but into TV shows and movies that they’re currently watching. Miso is advertised as “social TV” and, in addition to it’s own service, links into Twitter and Facebook. A la Foursquare, you can also earn badge and points for watching shows and movies.


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With a single tap Episodes will show you your favourite shows, when they’re next on TV and whether or not you’ve missed an episode. Drill down for information on air dates, episode listings, individual episode summaries and even screen captures.



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Yahoo Entertainment is a beautiful way to get your daily dose of Yahoo News. A major improvement to the browser experience, this app contains several sections, each with its own unique experience.

Some might see it as a random collection of interface clichés, but I couldn’t help but find it to be an attractive and enjoyable way to enjoy my new iPad. Read on to see what the app has to offer.


The AppleTV has been called Apple’s little project, but this year they decided to step things up and introduce a pretty cool little box. It streams Netflix, runs HD, and is smaller than an iPad.

Still, it seems like something is missing; Apple could do more with the concept, and really give it that Cupertino shine. In fact, Apple should just go ahead and build a real Apple Television.


I am a movie fanatic. There is not a week when I don’t watch at least one movie I haven’t seen before. Not to speak of all the TV shows I am following. While watching, I often have “geek moments” – those are times when I go “Oh, what’s that actor’s name?” or “What was the other recent movie this actress starred in?”

Before the time of iPhone and iPad, I had to move over to my Mac and fire up IMDB in Safari to check it out. With the IMDB app for iPad I can remain slouching on my couch and get all the information I desire. The comforts of the 21st century.


TV Show Tracker is a remarkably simple app that does one thing: tracks your favorite TV shows. If you find yourself sitting around often wondering if the new episode of “The Office” has aired yet, TV Tracker is your solution.

Below we’ll take a look at everything the app does and discuss whether or not you should shell out $1.99 to download it.

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