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iOS 7 changed the way we interact with our iPhones overnight. It made a lot of apps extremely irrelevant — also overnight. It means that a lot of developers are releasing separate new versions of their original apps, like Clear and, in the case of Twitter, Tweetbot 3.

The move to iOS 7 gives some of us new changes to reevaluate the apps we use every day, though. I’m on Twitter all the time and I’m always looking out for apps that defy convention and make me think differently about the service. If an app makes me want to use Twitter, it’s worth buying. Recently, I thought I’d try out a minimalist iOS 7 exclusive Twitter app called (what else?) Tweet7. Read on to find out if the app is for you.


iOS 7 instantly changed the way I do a lot of things on my phone. I was pretty prepared for the OS itself, which was a revelatory experience all the same, but what I wasn’t prepared for was some of my favourite apps becoming instantly outdated. My preferred Twitter app, Tweetbot, suddenly looked dead in the water.

With that in mind, I made the full-blown switch to Twitterrific. I’ve taken a look at the app in the past, but never stuck with it. Today, that’s changed. Let me tell you all about why Twitterrific is the Twitter app for me.


There are more Twitter clients available for iPhone than you can shake a stick at, and some of them are quite powerful. For a new Twitter app to break through the noise, it has to do something differently. It has to make the Twitter experience feel new, fresh and unique — a tall order when the communication exchanged doesn’t change from app to app.

Most Twitter apps try to make it as easy as possible to communicate with other people online. Slices‘ priority is similar, yet different. Its primary goal is to act as both a discovery tool and a sophisticated newsfeed that allows you to easily group your Twitter feed into different categories — called “slices,” of course — that are similar to Twitter’s built-in lists feature. Let’s find out more after the break.  (more…)

With the sheer range of Twitter clients out there on the App Store, choosing a Twitter client for your iPhone can be a long-winded process. Your choice of Twitter client really depends though, on what kind of Twitter user you are, and whether you use Twitter to simply keep up to date with the world or to keep the world up to date with your happenings.

No matter where you fit into the equation, there’s an iPhone Twitter client out there for you. After the jump, we take a detailed look at the pros and cons of the eight best Twitter clients in the App Store at the moment.


There are a plethora of ways to access Twitter on the iPhone, from the renowned Tweetbot to the social network’s (mediocre) official app. One that’s been around for even longer than the original Tweetie, however, is Twittelator. It was released back in December of 2008, five months after the App Store was unveiled. As one of the legends, Twittelator has a history and includes a surplus of great features.

But today people like well-designed apps over featured ones, which is why Stone, the developer of Twittelator, released Twittelator Neue in October of last year. Not only has the design been altered to have a more modern feel, but the app also aims to change the way you experience Twitter. I’ve been using it quite a bit these past few days just to see if it could be an alternative to Tweetbot. Now, let’s find out. (more…)

Tweetbot is no new entry to the market, Tapbots (its creator) released it first into the App Store back in April 2011 and we reviewed it back when it launched . But since then it has become better and better, and grown higher and higher in the charts (aided by the release of the official Twitter 4 client). Earlier this week,Tapbots revealed Tweetbot 2, along with the iPad version.

Follow on to see what’s new in this free update to Tweetbot! (more…)

One short year ago, Tapbots announced that they had started working on a new Twitter app: Tweetbot. Twitter had just announced that they were buying out Tweetie, and soon turned it into the new free Twitter for iPhone. Since then, Twitter has made it obvious that they want their own apps to be the only standard consumer Twitter apps, and recommended developers find other things to focus on.

Overall, though, Twitter for iPhone is still a nice app, and is quite popular. However, it has had some recent problems including the recent addition (and quick removal) of the extremely unpopular Quick Bar, which showed trending and promoted topics on the top of your tweet stream. Even though Twitter has now removed the Quick Bar, the episode has left many iPhone users considering other Twitter apps again.

The stage was set for an all-new Twitter app to be released. And Tapbots stepped up to the challenge.