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Even before Tweetie had been gobbled up by Twitter, I had been uncomfortable with its seemingly endless feature-base; while it was better than most of its competitors, in my opinion, it had simply grown too complex to be enjoyable to me. When Twitter acquired Tweetie, renamed it and replaced its icon, I was ready to remove it from my home screen: Tweetie and I broke up, in a way. After months of jumping from Twitter client to Twitter client, I heard about Weet, the new kid on the block, and was eager to try it. And, dear readers, the results are encouraging.

Keep reading after the fold to find out what I think of Weet, how it measures up against its competitors, and whether you should try it too!


Twitter recently shocked the developer world by abandoning their own lackluster iPhone app and acquiring Atebits in order to get their hands on Tweetie, an award winning app that has received incredibly high acclaim.

Users rejoiced, developers felt threatened, and Atebits founder Loren Brichter landed a job on the Twitter mobile team. Now the dust has settled and Tweetie has been rebranded and relaunched as simply “Twitter.” The biggest upside is that the app is now free and rumor has it, the upcoming update to the Mac app will follow suit.

Today we’ll go over Twitter for iPhone from the ground up for those not familiar with Tweetie. For those that are, we’ll point out the changes and upgrades along the way.


According to Neustar, somewhere around 2.5 billion text messages are sent in the US every day. In fact, approximately one third of teenagers send just over 100 texts in a single 24 hour period! (source)

The complete cost of all this texting about is no doubt astronomical. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could join the conversation for free? A number of services have cropped up in the past few years promising to do that very thing. Today we’ll look at Textie, an iPhone app from the creators of Borange and Tweetie that allows you to send and receive free SMS text messages.