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iOS 7 changed the way we interact with our iPhones overnight. It made a lot of apps extremely irrelevant — also overnight. It means that a lot of developers are releasing separate new versions of their original apps, like Clear and, in the case of Twitter, Tweetbot 3.

The move to iOS 7 gives some of us new changes to reevaluate the apps we use every day, though. I’m on Twitter all the time and I’m always looking out for apps that defy convention and make me think differently about the service. If an app makes me want to use Twitter, it’s worth buying. Recently, I thought I’d try out a minimalist iOS 7 exclusive Twitter app called (what else?) Tweet7. Read on to find out if the app is for you.


iOS 7 instantly changed the way I do a lot of things on my phone. I was pretty prepared for the OS itself, which was a revelatory experience all the same, but what I wasn’t prepared for was some of my favourite apps becoming instantly outdated. My preferred Twitter app, Tweetbot, suddenly looked dead in the water.

With that in mind, I made the full-blown switch to Twitterrific. I’ve taken a look at the app in the past, but never stuck with it. Today, that’s changed. Let me tell you all about why Twitterrific is the Twitter app for me.