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Teens seem to have mastered the practice of texting. Not only have they created their own codes and languages, they can type them out in a matter of several hundred characters a minute over thousands of messages within a given month.

TypeThis may not translate teen-speak, but it just might succeed in making players better at the technological art of texting. The skill-builder buried within this app uses points and competition to train texting accuracy, and the rate at which it’s executed. Can learning and training actually be a boredom buster, too? Find out after the jump. (more…)

When you first get an iPhone, typing on a touchscreen feels very novel and new, but after a dozen or so text messages, the novelty wears off. Typing on the iphone can quickly become a frustrating experience, and until (if ever) the iPhone integrates an alternative typing system (like Swype for Android), we’re stuck trying to make the best of a bad situation.

The default writing environments, such as Notes or Mail, don’t make matters easier with their cluttered interfaces and small writing spaces. WriteRoom by Hog Bay Software is an attempt to make writing on your iphone into a less painful experience, adding features such as full screen writing and cloud sync. Read on to find out if WriteRoom can make writing on your iphone less of a chore!