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I’m a typography geek. I’ve written about it before, I’ve agonized over it before, and I’ve dreamt about if before. I’ve spent money on it (more than I’d maybe like to admit), and I’ve attended tours of old library vaults just to take a look at some print type from the Gutenberg days. Tonight, I was out at a family dinner at a restaurant and spent an inordinate amount of time staring at the menu because I thought it was written with Memphis Std Medium. (I think I ended up being wrong, but it was a close call.)

As a game, then, Type:Rider really excites me. The game is focused on a visual history of typography that’s reminiscent of some of my favourite iOS games to date — games like Rayman: Jungle Run and BADLAND. Its unique visual style and accessible gameplay makes it a winner for typography geeks and their normal friends. Read on to find out what makes Type:Rider an unforgettable experience.


If you’re on Instagram you may have noticed some folks sharing photos with text written over the image and wondered, “How did they do that?” The answer is Over, a simple, easy to use app for adding custom typography to photographs.

Over comes with a selection of 28 unique fonts guaranteed to appeal to many tastes: bold, modern, whimsical, artistic, masculine, feminine, etc. Typography addicts will appreciate the option to buy a collection of 200+ additional fonts for $0.99! Expand your creativity by overlaying captions, poems, recipes, jokes or inspirational quotes to your images. Keep reading to learn more about adding a personal touch to your photos with Over. (more…)

As more people are getting interested in design and it becomes a preoccupation across the Internet, typography is moving out of a realm reserved only for graphic artists and print publishers. Typography is instead now becoming accessible to the masses who just want to make a document, blog or landing page look really good. There’s a lot going on in those little letters though, and choosing a typeface comes down to more than just which is the prettiest.

That’s where Typography Insight comes in. If you’ve ever wondered what the difference between a typeface and a font is, or how to tell a serif from a sans serif, Typography Insight is there to help. With font comparisons, type inspectors and a dictionary of typography terminology, Typography Insight aims to help you learn the ins and outs of type. (more…)

If any aspect of your job involves design, get ready to install a few new iPhone applications. In this bumper roundup we will be taking an in-depth look at fifty apps for web designers. They fall into categories including FTP and Storage, Colors and Design, Fonts and Typography, Coding, Site Analytics, and various others.

While most of the apps are free, a few will require that you fork over a couple of dollars. Even if you’re not into web design, there are some really useful apps mentioned below that may be of interest to you. Here we go!