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On September 21st, Apple released its latest generation iPhone to the public. Most customers and journalists gave much acclaim to the device, but there were some who saw the new 4-inch display as an issue. Developers and their designers, for example, must stretch or restructure elements of their apps for the extra 176 pixels the new display embraces. This can also affect the end user: apps that are not optimized for the new display have 88-pixel black bars at the top and bottom of the screen.

Given time, all developers, both active and passive, will work with their designers to amend their apps. Right now, however, there are only a few well-developed apps available that make use of the new iPhone’s display. Scouring through various sources, I’ve assembled a roundup of 15 essential apps that take advantage of Apple’s latest iOS device. (more…)

SimCity has been on iOS since 2008 but earlier this year in July, developer EA Mobile released a new Deluxe version for iPhone. Just recently did they release an iPad version to make use of the large screen and graphical capabilities of Appleā€™s latest addition to the iOS lineup.

SimCity for iOS is pretty much a copy of SimCity 3000 with a new touchscreen user interface. All the graphics of the former PC game are still there but the gameplay has been very slightly altered and updated for a modern game.