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Bitly’s fun pufferfish has long been a friend to verbose tweeters who needed to keep it under 140 characters, and if all you use Bitly for is shortening URLs, that’s enough. But there’s another side to Bitly, an even more useful side, that allows online marketers and bloggers to track how many “clicks” their links are getting. It’s pretty easy and fairly important if you make your living on the internet, but there hasn’t been a good way to generate those little links on iOS until now.

Bitly recently relaunched their website, and with it they launched their first iOS app simply named, Bitly. They’ve made Bitly more social by integrating Twitter and Facebook and creating community curated groups of links, or bitmarks. But does the iOS app work as well as the webapp and browser extensions? And will it have the same analytical functionality for those who need that information? Let’s find out together.  (more…)