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For the past few years, Google has made it a mission to build their own ecosystem in iOS. All of their core services, including Google Search, Google Now, Gmail and Google Maps, are readily available to iOS users. Better yet, each app is able to communicate with one another (e.g. tapping a link in Gmail will open the web page in Chrome), which is a great workaround for Apple’s staunchness for disallowing third-party apps to be used as a default app (a change I’m hoping to see in iOS 7).

During the keynote address at Google I/O a few weeks prior, Google introduced their new unified communications service, dubbed Hangouts. Before the announcement, Google offered multiple communications services, including Google Talk, Google Voice and Google+ Messenger, but their hope is that Hangouts will bring them into the fold of popular messaging services such as WhatsApp, iMessage and Facebook Messenger. Hit the jump to find out if Hangouts is indeed up to such a momentous task. (more…)

With the release of the iPhone 4 and its fantastic two-camera setup, Apple unveiled a new video-conferencing technology called FaceTime. The futuristic dream of talking face to face with someone anytime, anywhere from a handheld device had seemingly become a reality.

Unfortunately, the “anywhere” aspect was in reality quite limited due to the fact you’re required to use FaceTime over Wifi. This limitation has no doubt decreased the usefulness of the technology, maybe even to the point of uselessness for some users.

We want to know what you think. Cast your vote on the right and tell us how often you use FaceTime, whether it be from iPhone to iPhone, iPhone to Mac or heck even Mac to Mac. Is this great new feature more of a novelty or is it an important aspect of your daily communication?

After you vote, leave a comment below and let us know if your usage would change should the Wifi-only restriction be lifted. If you could really use FaceTime anywhere, anytime, would you? Or is video calling still too awkward? Let us know!