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Over the years, the iPhone has evolved enough that I can use it as my go-to camera for both pictures and video. With my wife being a photographer and a toddler that my parents want to see in photos, I have learned that there is never a bad time to snap a picture or capture a video. There are a variety of apps out there that I can use to do this and easily send them off to my family. But most of the popular apps out there usually do one thing well: they either are great for pictures or video, but not necessarily both.

For the past couple of weeks I have been trying out Qwiki, which combines both video and images that you take on your iPhone and gives you the freedom to create a cool looking slideshow. It gives me additional capability beyond just taking pictures and video, and I can now edit them and then easily send a slideshow to my friends and family. Let’s take a look at it more and so I can explain to you what I mean. (more…)

Capturing memories with our iPhone has become very popular over the last couple of years. With Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and others, there are so many ways that we can snap a quick photo or take a video of a moment and quickly post it so our friends can look and comment on it. Our iPhones have become our “go-to” camera because they are usually always with us when we want to document those precious moments in life.

But what makes these moments even better is that it is always cool to see what others have captured from that same event and to see what they think. Tracks takes that sentiment and makes it reality by giving you the opportunity to capture different aspects of life with each other then to be able to share it with each other all on one platform. Over the past couple of weeks or so, I have been able to play around with it and I’ve started to appreciate what it was made for and why it can be useful, even in a very crowded space. (more…)

Now that iPhones have a void formerly filled by the Youtube app, video enthusiasts are being forced to get their fix via other means. Some of these alternatives aren’t dedicated solely to the experience of watching hilarious videos, but also to spreading those LOLs all around the internet.

Showyou is an app that places just as much of an emphasis on the social network aspect of sharing videos as it does the videos themselves. Click more to see for yourself. (more…)

Our featured sponsor this week is Wireless Transfer App, a simple way for you to move photos and videos between any computer or device.

It’s a holiday weekend, and you’re off at a friend’s house, celebrating the end of the summer with a BBQ. You’re having a good time, so you take a few pictures and shoot some video with your iPhone of the big day so that you can remember it forever. Before you leave your friend asks, “Suppose I could get a copy of those pictures?”

With iCloud, there are a lot of ways to send your pictures between your own devices, but what about to another person? Sending them via email can be tedious, and even with iCloud, there’s still no great way to transfer movies. What if there was a way you could transfer those files anywhere to any device that has an Internet connection? That’s what Wireless Transfer App is all about.

How does it work? If you want to send between your iPhone and iPad, for example, just fire up Wireless Transfer App on both devices. Select Send on the device you’re using to send the files, and Receive on the other end. Then just pick your device and tap on what files you want. And if you want to do the same thing on your Mac or PC, just enter in the web address at the bottom of the screen into your web browser and a page like the one pictured above will appear. Pick the photos you want, and they’re yours. Seriously, it’s that easy.

Go Get It!

Wireless Transfer App is available right now, and it’s free, so you really have no excuse not to try it out. Go give it a shot and get those files moving today!

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As someone who enjoys doing film projects every once in a while, I am constantly on the lookout for inspiration. But the quest to find fresh ideas — especially while on the road— is greatly impeded by the lack of video content sources that are available to the iPhone.

Vimeo is one of my favorite sites to find inspiration for all sorts of projects. Luckily for us, their newest redesigns to their site have also brought redesigned iOS apps. Quality content is now available at our fingertips — and better yet, we can even contribute our own work right from the application. Read more about it after the break.


We’ve all seen the videos before: Some adventurous soul took one picture each day for a year and turned it into a video. Whether it’s a guy growing an epic beard or a girl posing the same way for 15 months, the videos are fascinating to watch and quite popular as well. If only you could make one yourself.

Well if you were motivated, you probably could. Just put that tripod and camera in the living room, set a daily timer and get after it. Most of us aren’t motivated though — not for this type of project anyways — so we just watch the videos on YouTube and think about how cool it would be to make one of our own.

Everyday is out to change that idea. It’s a very simple app that reminds you to take a picture of yourself every day, then forms it into a movie. Now, there’s a bit more to it than just that, so let’s get into it after the break.