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Our featured sponsor this week is It’s Playing, the ultimate movie player for your iPhone.

Sure, watching movies on the iPhone is cool, but getting them on there in the first place can be a real pain in the butt. It’s Playing removes all the hassle out of the system by giving you multiple ways to get your videos onto your iPhone, and also allows you to do more with what you’re watching than with any other program.

Hop onto your network to find a music file on your computer, then stream it to your iPhone or copy it over for later viewing. You can then stream that movie to your Apple TV via AirPlay, making it all a cable-free experience. Once your video is playing, you can do what It’s Playing calls, “Video Forensics.” Zoom in or out, adjust audio pitch, tweak the viewing speed or download subtitles online. There’s no better way to watch movies on your iPhone.

I did this all on a video of my own, and it took just a few minutes to copy the file to my iPhone. Once it was on, watching the movie was as simple as can be — and since it was a darker film, I could tweak the brightness to make it easier to view. It really is cool to use, and very user friendly.

Go Get It!

It’s Playing is available right now, so hop on over and pick it up. It’s only $3.99, which is super cheap when you consider what a hassle it can be to get your movies on your iPhone.

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