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It’s never been more popular or easy to share pictures and videos. Just upload one to your Facebook/Flickr/MobileMe account, and link away to the world. But with all of the millions of images out on the Internet, there needs to be a way to set yours apart from the masses.

We’ve talked about the many different types of vintage video apps out on the market before, but one of those from the roundup deserves a little bit deeper look. It’s called 8mm Vintage Camera, and it’s been gaining popularity among users. So what makes this thing so great? Let’s take a moment to find out.


In the past we’ve discussed at length the new fad of vintage photography via apps such as Instagram. There are plenty of outspoken haters of this trend but the rest of us are happy to enjoy the fun of bringing a little old school goodness to our high tech phones.

Some forward thinking developers have already begun looking past still photographs and bringing the same vintage trend into video. The result is a quickly growing selection of apps that make it incredibly easy to create video clips with enough retro flare to make Hipstamatic users green with envy.