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In the wake of iOS 7, it feels like the App Store is the Wild West. Every app territory is up for grabs again — it’s no longer about who has the best app, but about who’s made the best iOS 7 app. Camera apps, despite iOS 7’s arguably disappointing camera filters, aren’t excluded from this. In fact, thanks to iOS 7’s renewed focus on clarity, I think that camera apps could benefit more than most.

Landcam requires iOS 6 or higher, but it looks like it’s been made for iOS 7 from the get-go. This is the rare camera app that surprises and delights as often as it snaps a shot. Let’s take a look and see whether or not it can supplant your current favourites.


I’m always taking pictures with my iPhone. “Tell me about it,” I can hear you say, because I know I’m not the only one. We’re all taking a bunch of pictures all the time. But we want them to look good, and unfortunately the default iOS Camera app just isn’t all it could be when it comes to making our pictures shine. I’m always on the lookout for a way to take my amateur iPhone photos to the next level.

Visual Supply Co has long been looking to make digital photography more beautiful and work better, and VSCO Cam is their attempt to bring gorgeous photography to the iPhone. There are already so many camera apps in the App Store, but VSCO aims to marry spectacular digital picture taking with a minimalist interface for ease of use and a quality photo at the end of the process. (more…)