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I’ve been giving some thought, recently, to many of iOS 7’s design changes. I’ve noticed that some of them have been seeping through into my own professional design — partially because I admire the work that’s been done and partially because I spend so much time on my iPhone. What we live with is often what inspires us, and sometimes not in the ways we expect.

There are three areas of iOS 7’s design that most strike me, though: the depth, the blurs, and the translucency — in other words, the subtlety with which layers and a nearly-tangible sense of depth is created in a virtual OS. It’s pretty incredible. I love the way, in particular, that wallpapers work within the system, and have spent a little more time than I’d care to admit selecting my own for a few weeks at a time before changing them just to see a new “effect” with the blurs and transparency effects. Although it’s not the only (or even the first) app to play with wallpapers and iOS 7-like blur effects, Blur Studio is my favourite. Read on to find out why. (more…)

Every few months, I like to look for new wallpapers to put on my devices, whether it be a Mac, iPad or iPhone. There are far too many wallpaper sites on the Internet to keep up with all the time, but I know a few good artists and photographers who have some very well-done content and I typically check their latest releases for an interesting new way to show off my device’s screen.

You could look for hours trying to find different types of wallpapers that suit you since there are so many options, but I’m going to help you out. Instead of having to look for all those great backgrounds, I’ve compiled a list featuring 50 of the best photos, Photoshop pieces and anything else that will look beautiful on your iPhone’s Retina display. Keep reading to check them out. (more…)

If you’re lucky enough to also own an iPad, it’s definitely worth heading over to iPad.AppStorm and checking out the recent, and unashamedly spectacular, collection of wallpapers!

We all love to beautify our devices, and one of the simplest ways to do this is by loading it up with some gorgeous wallpapers. If you’re looking for iPad wallpaper delights, then this is the roundup you’ve been waiting for!

Head over to iPad.AppStorm and get stuck in!

If you’re lucky enough to have one of Apple’s latest gadgets, you’ll know that it doesn’t feel quite complete without with a gorgeous iPad wallpaper. Despite the fact that the iPad has only been available for a few weeks, a huge range of wonderful wallpapers are already available.

Today we’ll be showcasing over 50 examples of beautiful wallpaper design – each ready and waiting to be copied straight across to your iPad!