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If you are familiar with the web design and development community you have likely seen Forrst. The website acts as a social network where digital professionals can share their latest projects and give each other feedback. Many of these shots and code snippets are made public, although much like Dribbble you will need an invite to register an account.

Yet, up until recently there haven’t been many iOS titles related to Forrst in the App Store. One of the newest launches, Leef for iPhone, allows you to browse all of the latest posts from the Forrst API. Their search results are very snappy and you have the ability to customize which media you’re looking for. Let’s get into the other cool stuff after the jump. (more…)

Ever since the iPhone App Store first appeared, users have cried out for third-party web browsers. While Apple doesn’t allow anything that can independently interpret Javascript (read: full-fledged web browsers) in the App Store, they eventually began approving apps that use WebKit (the core of Safari and MobileSafari) to display webpages.

In other words, you won’t be seeing Firefox for iPad anytime soon, but browsers that—to appropriate the ever-relevant car metaphor—use the same engine as MobileSafari with a different chassis and paint job—are now available for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.

Apple insists that browsing the web on an iPad is already pretty magical, but there’s always someone ready to step up and demonstrate stronger magic. Atomic Web Browser is one such contestant.