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I was just 12 years old when I created my first website, and remember spending hours upon hours teaching myself how to code. Since then, I must have built close to a hundred and therefore, naturally, one question I am frequently asked is how to build a website from scratch. Um, where do I begin?

Luckily for me, I now have a suitable answer to this question: Jimdo.

Jimdo is a cross-platform website builder in which you can create and maintain your own website for free, without the need to know how to code. Interested? Hit the jump to find out more! (more…)

Web design is a big profession, but some iPhone owners might not have the skills to develop nor the budget to hire a designer. Luckily, blogging platforms such as WordPress and Tumblr come with their own collections of themes for your free use. Theme design is a big business too and they have become very functional due to the massive number of features available in platforms like WordPress.

However, all those additional functions come with an added complexity and that might not be suited to everyone’s tastes. Maybe you just want to setup a quick blog to share some photos from your trip, or perhaps you just wanted to post links to some interesting articles you’ve found on your ventures around the internet.

Zapd might be the perfect solution! Zapd is a very simple website builder based entirely within a iPhone application. If you like Tumblr, you might just love Zapd.