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With the iTunes Store now containing well over 300,000 apps and growing at unprecedented rates, the iPhone has become the source of a fairly new type of serious psychological condition: App Addiction. We here at iPhone.AppStorm are full-blown app addicts and proudly download and test every new toy we can get our hands on.

Today we want to gauge your level of app addiction with a simple poll that asks how many apps you download per week (not counting standard updates). Are you a casual downloader or an obsessive app-crazed lunatic!?

After voting in the poll, leave a comment and let us know how many of these are paid apps and how many are free. Do you stick to free downloads or are you spending serious amounts of cash to build up the ever-growing kingdom of Apple?

Everyone’s current favorite rumor regarding the iPhone 5 points to the possibility of the glass back plate being changed to aluminum, similar to that seen on the iPod Touch. The glass back on the iPhone 4 has reportedly caused several problems both structural, with breaking and scratching, and functional, due to difficulties with painting and camera interaction on the ever illusive white iPhone 4.

Also, an aluminum back would both be lighter and cheaper to manufacture, which aligns with rumors about Apple seeking to reduce the overall cost of the iPhone.

Personally, I really like the glass back. The iPhone 4 is heavy, but in a good way that makes it feel like a solid product. I’m actually much less prone to dropping it than my extremely light iPod Touch, which always has a way of slipping out of my grip.

Today we want to know what you think. Would you prefer an iPhone with an aluminum back or are you a fan of the glass currently seen on the iPhone 4? Vote in the poll on the right and tell us why in the comments below!

Earlier this week Apple debuted the iPad 2 (check out our coverage here), and it’s a beauty. Two cameras, a dual core A5 chip (translation: much faster) and a slimmer, lighter design all make this one hard to resist product! Not to mention that amazing Smart Cover.

However, critics can still point to a few potential disappointments. No Thunderbolt support, retina display or an SD card slot. Further, several techies, like the folks over at Gizmodo, aren’t that impressed by the new specs in comparison to other tablet products like the Motorola Xoom.

So our question today is, what do you think? The single best way to state your opinion of the new iPad is with your wallet so we want to know whether or not it’s good enough for you to drop five hundred bucks on come March 11th. Vote in the poll to tell us whether or not you plan on getting one, then leave a comment below explaining your answer.

Here at AppStorm we love getting to know our readers better. The primary reason for this is always so that we can better target our content towards the people reading it. We want to make AppStorm as interesting as possible for you so we post polls like today’s to get a better glimpse of who you are.

Today’s poll asks whether or not you’re interested in the development side of iPhone apps. We know you love playing with new iPhone apps, or else you wouldn’t be here, but we’d also like to know how many of our readers are part of the amazingly talented group of people generating all of that lovely App Store content that keeps us afloat!

Vote in the poll at right and then leave a comment below telling us more. If you’re a developer, what apps have you created and how did you learn the requisite skills? If you’re not a developer but are interested in learning more, you might want to check out our sister site MobileTuts for daily tutorials on every mobile platform out there!

Despite being admittedly overhyped by the media, the antenna issues with the iPhone 4 are very real. When I’m doing anything but talking on my iPhone, the way that I instinctively hold it inevitably drains my reception to almost nothing within a minute. Then, as soon as I change my grip, those bars jump back up to full.

However, I have yet to actually go and purchase a bumper. I did look at Apple’s solution but thought that $30 for a such a small ring was pretty outrageous. The bigger problem though is my aversion to cases in general.

I’m what you might call an Apple purist. I love the design of my Apple devices enough that I almost never add any adornment to the equation. My MacBook contains no stickers, skins or clip-on case and my iPhone looks just like it did the day I bought it. I did purchase a case for my iPad, but it’s purely for transportation of the device. When I actually use it, I quickly slide it out of the case (my criteria for purchasing an iPad case was solely the speed at which I could remove the iPad).

Our poll today asks where you lie on this spectrum. Do you protect your iPhone with a case, simply use the bumper to fix the antenna issues or perhaps forsake both in favor of an unfettered iPhone experience? We want to know! After you vote in the poll, leave a comment below and let us know what cases you own and recommend, both for iPhone and any other Apple products!

The rumor mills are alive with speculation about the iPhone 5, which will supposedly be coming this summer. With these rumors comes the tale of a mythical device that we haven’t heard mentioned in quite some time: the iPhone Nano.

When the very first iPhone was released, it took spin-artists no time to convince the media that Apple was working on a new smaller version. This device would of course be cheaper and more compact than the normal iPhone and would hopefully appeal to customers not willing to shill out for the big version.

Of course, years later we know that these rumors were 100% fabricated and not the least based in reality. Yet here we are again, four years later and the rumors have resurfaced. Could Apple finally be ready to expand the iPhone line with a smaller version? More importantly, do you care?

Let’s say the rumors are true and Apple releases an iPhone Nano in a few months, would you buy one? Vote in the poll above, then leave a comment below and let us know, regardless of whether or not you want to buy one, if you think it’s a good strategy. Do you know people that would jump on the idea of a smaller, cheaper iPhone?

With the announcement of the Verizon iPhone came the news that the device will be enabled to act as a mobile wifi hotspot for up to five devices. This is fantastic news and will really increase the usefulness of an already incredibly useful product. Even better, this functionality will supposedly be opened up on all iPhone 4 handsets (as opposed to just Verizon’s) with the next major update of iOS. Keep in mind that just because the functionality is on the phone doesn’t mean your particular carrier will offer the option.

Of course, this great new feature comes at a premium. For instance, Verizon charges users an extra $20 per month for the feature. So our question today is, do you think it’s worth it? Now, in addition to voice, data and texting, are you willing to part with even more of your hard-earned cash to enjoy Internet on the go from your other devices?

Cast your vote on the right and leave a comment below explaining your answer!

In addition to being the Editor here at iPhone.AppStorm, I’m also a graphic designer. This means that I’m generally a bit over-obsessive about aesthetics.

One place where this obsession pops up on a daily basis is my app selection. When I’m searching around for an app in the App Store, my first criteria tends to be the design of the icon. I know this is shallow and I’ve seen it lead to complete ignorance of some really great apps, but I almost can’t help it! There’s just no way I can bring myself to click on all the apps with ugly icons, much less download them and display them on my iPhone.

Today we want to know if you share this visual standard. Do you judge an app by its icon? Leave your vote on the right and then let us know about some of your favorite icon designs in the comments below. Some of mine are Evernote, Wikipanion, CSS3Machine and FLUD.

Recently I’ve had a few experiences with the Apple Genius bar, the panel of experts that sits in every Apple store waiting to answer your most complicated iPhone and Mac questions.

To be honest, I’m continually blown away by how much these people go out of their way to help me. The other day I took in a fairly new but non-functioning extension cord but forgot the receipt. I asked if they could simply look up my recent purchase, they said there was no need. If I told them it was a new cord, they would believe me and replace it immediately, free of charge.

In another trip I brought in my cousin’s aging MacBook. The hard drive had suddenly seized up and the computer had ceased working altogether. Though it was well out of warranty, the guy at the Genius Bar actually apologized for the product, stating that this should’ve never happened. He then ordered a free replacement drive and threw in a new outer case because the old one was cracked.

In my experience, these kinds of actions are unheard of in customer support. These are the people that are supposed to shun responsibility and point blame at customers no matter what the problem. The kind of people that will stop at nothing to make sure that you don’t get that 100% satisfaction refund that was promised to you. Apple stores in my area seemed to have missed the memo.

Today we’d like to know if you’ve had any similar experiences. Vote in the poll on the right letting us know what you think of the customer service at the Apple Store. Then leave a comment below and tell your Apple genius story. Did they go out of there way to help you or stick their noses in the air and wait for you to leave. We want to hear all the details!

The iPad 2 is one of the most eagerly awaited Apple announcements coming up this year. Most predictions place its arrival sometime in the next few months. If you’re like me, you already own a first generation iPad and will soon be faced with a very big decision of whether or not to upgrade.

I’m considering selling my iPad on Ebay when the 2nd generation model comes out to help cover the cost of the new one, which will inevitably contain multiple features that I simply can’t live without despite being perfectly happy before I knew they existed. I’m sure several of you will either follow suit or be perfectly happy to own both models!

Many discerning customers however have been patient and chose to wait for the second model before purchasing their first iPad, others are completely apathetic about the device and make no plans to purchase. Today, we want to know where you fall. Do you own an iPad yet? Regardless of the answer to that question, will you be purchasing an iPad 2?

Once you cast your vote on the right, leave a comment below and let us know your logic. If you’re waiting for the second version, tell us why you passed on the first. If you’re not interested, leave a comment about why the iPad just isn’t for you.

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