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The iPhone is an incredibly powerful aid during a workout — or it can be. I know that’s the usual marketing PR you hear about the iPhone, but I’ll be frank and honest with you: I lost forty pounds by using mine to track my burned and consumed calories last summer. At this point, I don’t want to lose any more weight, but I do need to work to keep it off. And I’m always looking for apps that can help me bulk up and still keep the weight down.

That’s where Workout Plan comes in. Workout Plan is more like a to-do list for your workout than it is anything else. It doesn’t help you find new exercises or demo ones that you don’t understand; instead, it assumes that you already know your way around the gym and just helps remind you what your routines are. I’m a big believer in focused apps, since an app that does one thing extremely well can often be better than an app that does several things decently. Workout Plan is one of those focused apps. (more…)