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Today’s app is Corkbin, a way for wine beginners and aficionados alike to share their experiences and opinions of the wines they consume.

Corkbin is a dead simple app so we’ll take a minute to walk through all of it’s features and then discuss our overall impression of the app.


Glasshouse Apps have developed two applications to make your life that little bit easier. The first, Barista, is full of recipes to creating that perfect, café-style coffee. Whether its a Caffé Latte, Espresso or the humble Flat White – Barista has it.

Cellar on the other hand is an application for adding, organising and keeping track of your wine library. It boasts back up features and many customisable options to make the virtual wine bottles look life-like.

Both applications have an impeccable interface that not only encourages you to explore the application further, but also start using it! Barista and Cellar are available for both the iPhone and iPod touch.


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