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If you like to blog, then it’s very likely that the website you publish to is powered by WordPress. It’s one of the easiest and most powerful blogging platforms out there, not to mention it’s open source with hundreds of plugins and themes. The people at WordPress know what they’re doing. It’s been over nine years since the initial release and the platform has been going strong, reportedly managing 22% of all websites as of August 2011.

So, say you’ve published a post and are off to take care of some other stuff, leaving your computer at home. Someone texts you that what you just wrote was factually incorrect or had a broken link — what do you do? If you had an iPad, then you could edit it with Blogsy, but if you only have your iPhone with you the best option is WordPress’ official iOS app. I’ve used it in instances like this before and it works well — but exactly how well? (more…)

Have you been disappointed with the WordPress app and wanted more flexible ways to publish to your WordPress blog on the go? Thanks to the new Express for WordPress app and the WooTumblog plugin from WooThemes, you can now quickly publish a variety of content to your WordPress blog from your iOS device.

Express for WordPress is a new app designed to let you post anything you want to your WordPress-powered blog from your iPhone. One major problem of blogging apps is that most of us don’t want to write long, detailed posts from a cramped screen. Micro-blogging solutions such as Tumblr let you create shorter posts featuring an image, link, or quote, but WordPress sites are typically filled with longer posts. WooThemes is aiming to change that by making it easy to post simpler content to WordPress.


WordPress is without a doubt one of the most ubiquitous website and blogging platforms around, and for good reason. The sheer volume of plugins and themes available to make your site stand out from the crowd is immense and has made WordPress the premier piece of web software for creating a beautiful website or blog.

Contemplate for a moment that there are now estimated to be upwards of 96.6 million Internet users who read a blog at least once a month – and that’s just in the US! It would be crazy not to utilize the incredible functionality of the iPhone to aid you in updating, managing, and tracking your website or blog. Furthermore, with the ever increasing rise of the smartphone, a large portion of the people viewing websites and blogs will be doing so on the move. You wouldn’t want your WordPress site to disappoint them would you?

Below we’ll look at a range of WordPress related resources with your iPhone in mind – from Apps to help you manage your blog through to themes and plugins designed to make your site have an impact on the iPhone.


Almost all the major blogging platforms have their own native app and most of them support multiple blogs from the same platform. But what about all the users out there using multiple platforms?

For those of us dabbling with multiple blogs across multiple platforms, we need a better solution than juggling multiple apps. BlogPress is an app that supports eight of the popular blogging platforms. Now, if you are willing to let go of $2.99 from your pocket for a carefree blogging experience, follow me after the fold.


Many of us run a blog in some form or another. Whether it’s related to the industry in which you work, keeping track of interesting snippets you find online, or simply a showcase of funny giraffe pictures, the primary method for updating your blog is usually through a web interface. Various desktop blogging applications are available, but your iPhone is also a capable tool for posting updates and links, moderating comments, and keeping track of statistics.

Today we’ll be covering various different iPhone apps and techniques that can help you become a truly mobile blogger!