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Words with Friends’ popularity peak seems like it was a millennium ago. But one thing was proven when it was at the top: gamers — both casual and habitual — love word games. They also love another time-tested favorite that features falling pieces and goes by the name of Tetris.

Combine elements of the two and it adds up to Letris & Friends, the three-in-one word game app that features competitive finds, disappearing blocks and snaking searches that you can engage in with your buddies.

Aiming to be the last word on letter-focused puzzle apps, find out what fun awaits you within Letris & Friends after the break. (more…)

Developer Loren Brichter is perhaps best known for his work with Twitter. He’s the man behind Tweetie, an app that was purchased by Twitter and eventually morphed into an official offering from the social network. Brichter left Twitter and, until recently, has been teasing a new app.

That new app is not a Twitter client. It’s actually a game named Letterpress. A mixture of Scrabble, Boggle and real estate-style gameplay, Letterpress is an addictive, very competitive game. Let’s take a look after the jump. (more…)

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In this Quick Look, we’re highlighting Word vs Word. The developer describes Word vs Word as offering everything that makes a word game fun. Your mission is to figure out a secret word and the best part is, you’re trying to guess your friend’s word, other people who are playing or you’re challenging yourself to a solo game. People playing Word vs Word describe it as a combination between a classic crossword puzzle, a word search and a good ol’ fashioned game of hangman.

Read on for more information and screenshots!


Would you like an app that gives you new ideas and forces you to think?  While the press is pondering the way gadgets distract and can keep us from spending time thinking, we’re going to look at an app that promises to promote your creativity and give you food for thought.

Inspiro is a unique new app designed to prompt your creativity and inspire your imagination.  It generates phrases and plot ideas from a vast database of random words and phrases.  Just like the fill-in-the-blank stories for kids that let them create imaginative or crazy stories, Inspiro’s phrases are designed to give you a laugh or inspiration for your next creative project.  Let’s take a quick tour and see how you can put it to use to spark your creativeness.