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Today, people of all ages can learn to code amazing applications for our beloved iPhones. Veeral Patel can attest to this statement.

Though he is just a high school student, Veeral has shown that he too can play at the same level of the adults in the app industry through his recent release of Owl, a daily facts application I reviewed not too far back. Recently, I had the chance to talk to Veeral about his experience as a student developer, his experiences at this year’s WWDC and what we can expect from him in the near future. Enjoy.


It was a big morning for Apple, what with the launch of WWDC and all its goodies. So what’s new in the world of Apple and what do you need to know? Let’s find out. (more…)

Yesterday was a very busy day for Apple. The MacBook Air and Pro got a few bumps, the Next Generation MacBook Pro was introduced with a Retina display, Mountain Lion was priced and given a release date, and iOS 6 was introduced and showcased.

That’s an awful lot of stuff, and yet there was stuff that the pundits thought would happen. No new Apple TV or Apple TV SDK. No Retina display MacBook Airs. No wedge-shaped Pros. So for some, this could be seen as a disappointment.

What do you think? Let us know in the poll to the right.

WWDC is a big event in the Apple universe, designed to bring in the best and brightest developers in the community. It’s not a public event, but what if it was? What if anyone could go to WWDC — would you?

Let’s find out. Answer in the poll on the right and let us know!

We’re counting down the days to WWDC over here at AppStorm. A few years ago, WWDC introduced us to a new iPhone, and the current rumor is that we’re going to see the next iPhone at this year’s event. Of course, that’s all speculation, but we want to know your opinion. Let us know in the poll if you think we’ll see the next iPhone in just a few weeks or not!

So we’ve got just a few weeks until WWDC 2012, a big event in the Apple universe. Last year, WWDC showed us Lion, iOS 5 and iCloud — what’s on the plate for this year? Guesses are running the gamut, from the new iPhone, to a smaller iPad and even Mountain Lion being put out into the wild.

But iTunes? Well it needs an overhaul, that’s for sure, and there’s been a lot of scuttlebutt around the water cooler that iTunes 11 will be a completely new interface and design, maybe even breaking up the App Store and iTunes Store. Will it come out at WWDC?

You tell us! Let us know in the poll to the right.

Earlier today Apple kicked off their annual Worldwide Developer’s Conference with a keynote speech that was chock full of new goodies for virtually everyone who uses their software regularly.

Mac.AppStorm has all the info on what’s coming with Lion and iCloud and we’ve got the lowdown on outstanding new features of iOS. Let’s take a look!


Tickets to Apple’s 2011 Worldwide Developers Conference (the yearly event where Apple tells us about all the goodies coming up) recently went on sale, and within 10 hours, they were all gone. At $1,600 a pop, that’s definitely not bad news for Apple.

However, developers all over immediately began complaining that tickets shortages are more due to a poorly run event than a great one. As evidence, it seems many of the tickets went to scalpers, not serious attendees, and are now showing up on eBay and Craigslist for upwards of $4,000 in some cases!

In today’s poll, we want to hear your reaction to this event. Are you one of the would-be ticket buyers who now doesn’t get to go? Or are you at the other end of the spectrum and not at all interested in the conference? Let us know in the poll on the right and then leave a comment below if you have any ideas for how the event should be handled in the future.

Steve Jobs took the stage in San Francisco this morning to announce the long-rumoured iPhone 4. It’s a fantastic upgrade to the iPhone lineup, incorporating a brand new design, and a range of new features. We also saw another demonstration of the iPhone OS 4 (now iOS4) operating system, highlighting the additions we’ve covered previously on iPhone.AppStorm.

In this article, we’ll be exploring exactly what you can expect to see in the brand new iPhone 4, including a stunning new design, FaceTime video calling, the gorgeous “Retina Display”, and HD video recording. Intrigued? Read on.


Interested in finding out what Apple announce today at the WWDC keynote? Check out our live coverage over at Mac.AppStorm for the latest news as it happens. We’ll be rounding up news, images and analysis from all over the internet to keep you well informed.

We’re due to see the unveiling of a brand new iPhone model, so it’s certainly an event you don’t want to miss!

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