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When it comes to email, you’re typically in one of two camps. For some, it’s infrequently used to communicate with a few people and doesn’t play much of a role in their lives. On the flipside, you have people whose lives are consumed by emails, mostly because of work. If you’re in the latter camp, finding the right email app for your iPhone is an extremely important undertaking.

Taskbox is a third-party email app that’s designed to “help you clear your inbox and prioritize your follow up list in under 60 seconds,” as stated in the app’s description in the App Store. If you’re buried underneath a figurative mountain of emails, join us after the jump to see if Taskbox can live up to such a bold statement. (more…)

Yahoo Entertainment is a beautiful way to get your daily dose of Yahoo News. A major improvement to the browser experience, this app contains several sections, each with its own unique experience.

Some might see it as a random collection of interface clichés, but I couldn’t help but find it to be an attractive and enjoyable way to enjoy my new iPad. Read on to see what the app has to offer.