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Games are pretty popular topics for reviews here at iPhone.AppStorm, and when Apple decides to spotlight one in the App Store, we take notice. That’s why I jumped on the chance to review Dead Ahead, a zombie runner made by the same people who brought us Cut the Rope and Robbery Bob.

Although Dead Ahead is fun, easy to learn and fits most of my standards for an iPhone game, it does have one big problem. Something that looms over most apps nowadays, but this time with a new twist — one that’s just as insidious as the zombies that roam the game’s universe. Do you dare go forward to find out?  (more…)

In the seventh grade I was required to take a computer lab class. At the time, I wasn’t into computers or learning about what they had to offer, but one week I was introduced to a new favorite addiction — The Oregon Trail. I was hooked almost immediately by the core concept and simplistic game play, and enjoyed the challenge of making it safely to Oregon.

In 2011, developers The Men Who Wear Many Hats released a retro survival zombie game for the web called Organ Trail, which drew many similarities to the classic Apple II game. The Organ Trail eventually became so popular that the developers raised funds via Kickstarter in order to produce a new version for iOS and Android. If you’re a fan of The Oregon Trail like me, you’ll most certainly want to hit the jump to learn more about Organ Trail: Director’s Cut. (more…)

Let’s play pretend. Basketball legend Shaquille O’Neal announces that he’s got a game coming out. Despite a few forays outside the realm of sports (remember the magic of Kazaam and hard-hitting rhymes of “Biological Didn’t Bother”?), you assume this venture will have something to do rebounds, layups and fast breaks.

Well, that’s partially true of Shaqdown, but the complementing points of the plot are closer to The Walking Dead than SportsCenter. In the game, Shaq is the Justice Bringer, thwarting mutant zombies with slams, uppercuts and laser beams.

You’re clearly confused by this intro. But you’re also interested in what the heck is going on with this game and how exactly Shaq came to be fighting the supernatural. Read on after the jump to get the gist and to find out if Shaqdown is good for more than just a few laughs. (more…)

What’s that shadow over there … they’re following you … runner No. five … they’re following you now … the swarm from the car park … RUN! And with the sound of zombie moaning in my ears, I picked up my pace and did just that — I ran.

Nowadays, we are all looking for a way to spice up our workout and make it more fun.  A new playlist that boosts your motivation, TVs built into exercise equipment and intense gladiator training all exist but why did no one think of hiring zombies to get us to move more? Zombies, Run! does just that. (more…)

What’s more fun than an action packed, zombie killing, adrenaline rushing, high speed intense game? Well the answer is simple. All of that in the palm of your hands! As a perfect example of console gaming gone mobile, Dead Trigger brings the first person shooting experience that we’ve all associated from the console straight to the iPhone.

Through its stunning graphics and heart-racing gameplay, Dead Trigger is easily one of the most notable zombie FPS apps available for the iPhone. Its intense quests will have even the most experienced zombie players at the edge of their seats. (more…)

Gameloft, the bringers of the previously reviewed Asphalt 7: Heat, have done it again! With their creative minds, they’ve created a game which incorporates the making of a true hollywood film. Through the commands of your director, different prearranged scenes are shot for the ultimate zombie movie!

What do you call the zombie invasion of Hollywood? Zombiewood! As zombies walk down the streets that once flourished with celebrities, you decide to make a few extra bucks starring in a motion picture film in which you tear down rows of the undead. The exhilirating, well designed, cartoonish gameplay makes this a must play game offering hours of fun.  (more…)

Do you think you could tell if your best friend were a zombie? Thankfully, using one of the apps below, you can be certain, no matter which stage of infection your friend may be currently experiencing.

And since we want you to be completely covered when it comes to potential paranormal happenings in your life, we’ve also included apps for locating werewolves, finding haunted houses, keeping up on UFO activity and hunting ghosts. Use at your own risk. (more…)

Zombies are on the attack! Why? Who knows — it’s just what they do. But you can vaporize them before they takeover the city and turn it in to their smorgasbord.

Mixing strategy and shoot-‘em-up attacks, Dead Stop declares you the protector of the people. The gore factor is low and the art cartoonish, making this one game that’s as appealing to all ages as it is simple to play. (Don’t confuse simple for easy, though. These flesh-eaters put up a fight!)

Is Dead Stop a feast or famine when it comes to being fun? Find out after the break. (more…)

Zombies — the undead that are seemingly huge in today’s culture — taking all of media by storm. Whether it be in TV shows, movies or video games, zombies are often the target for humans. As a result, they are often slaughtered in masses.

After years of oppression, the zombies are finally back for revenge in Brainsss. Help the zombies conquer neighborhoods, office buildings and city streets as they work their way towards world domination. Catch more of this second-life awesomeness after the jump. (more…)

Until recently, I’ve always noticed that iPhone games are inferior to their console counterparts, generally mimicking gameplay in a less user friendly and intuitive manner. This isn’t necessarily a hinderence to good gameplay, but for the first few years of the App Store, I don’t believe the iPhone could really compete with traditional gaming consoles outside of the casual category.

Over the past year or so, a new culture of gaming has emerged. Games have vastly improved and started to provide near identical gameplay to their more dedicated console brethren. One such game is Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombies, which brings a very similar set of gameplay mechanics and maps to the iPhone.